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Character Contest 37: Femme Fatale

Weather Girl. I tried to give her a more 1950s look. The idea being that as Dana Smalls, her radio job puts her in a forward-thinking, cutting-edge position. The kind of person who knows what the people want but her bosses are loathe to let an uppity employee run amok. The big wigs on the programming board are comfortable playing Big Band but this sassy intern keeps putting on those “rock and roll” records. I include Weather Girl in my meta-verse.

Weather Girl


College student Dana Smalls works as a local radio station intern in Aurora, Illinois. A tornado struck the broadcast station one night. Lightning struck the antenna. The electrical surge destroyed the whole building. Dana survived. She soon discovered that she had amazing powers to control the weather.

She became Weather Girl, the crime-fighting moll. Dana uses her job at the radio station to keep up with the criminal activity and happenings.