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The Atomic Punk

Character Contest 85: Sci-Fi Dungeoneering

Counter-intelligence agents specializing in infiltration. They assume civilian identities and spy on their neighbors. Often, these jobs are in research fields (colleges and universities, laboratories, data centers, think tanks, etc.). These secret police do not arrest or act until ordered. When activated, they conduct a merciless scorched-earth campaign.

Raijū have surgical implants that release electrical charges. For lesser tasks (destroying computers, disabling electronic locks, baffling security cameras and detectors), the charge is bio-electrical. Battery packs in their combat suits magnify their power several-fold (set a house on fire, knockout a local power grid). As a last resort, Raijū can self-destruct. The electrical surge has been known to melt craters up to 8 meters deep and 100 meters wide.

RaijÅ« is a mythological creature from Japanese mythology. The word translates as “thunder beast.” Their bodies are made of lightning, often in the shape of a cat or weasel. Lightning marks on trees are said to be the beast’s claws scratching the bark.

Raiijū (Wizards / Combat Mages)