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Character Contest 85: Sci-Fi Dungeoneering

The challenge was to add a science-fiction twist to Dungeons & Dragons archetypes. This was fun. You could go Spelljammer or Warhammer 40k or come up with something original. I wanted my characters to look as if they belonged in the same setting. More precisely, I wanted them to fit into my mecha-verse.

Blink Dogs (Rangers)

Blink Dogs are mercenaries contracted by xenobiologists and deep space explorers. They are scouts, frontier diplomats, and most importantly protectors of native species from poachers. These elite rangers are known for stealth and swiftness. So quickly they strike, that they are said to “teleport.”

The Blink Dogs’ uniform is lightweight chameleon body armor. Their colors are derived from their mascot: the giant Azuran wolf. Blink Dogs are the woodsmen of their era. They are strong environmentalists and loyal travelling companions with a willingness to exact frontier justice.