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The Atomic Punk

Going to have two four-day weekends in a row thanks to the holidays. Aside from the obvious binges, I might take a break from posting my retrospective. I have been threatening to… I mean, wanting to write for a long time. More like “world-building” as I like to create rich histories and cultures before developing stories and characters. That’s the old Game Master in me coming out.

Normally, I don’t solicit feedback. I just let traffic flow naturally. People pop in to take a look, sometimes comment. And I appreciate the visits. Before I switch gears, I would like to know if there would be any interest.

Here’s my plot (wow, sounding like I am trying to sell a book or a screenplay). Humanity is spread throughout the universe via various interstellar modes of transportation (hyperdrives, wormhole technology, etc.). Earth is a natural well or sinkhole for anomalies (Bermuda Triangle, Stonehenge, the Philadelphia Experiment, etc.). At various points, earth receives visitors who influence our history. Likewise, some famous (and infamous) people from earth travel to other worlds and influence them.

My initial setting is the Hestia system with its three inhabitable worlds. The historical figure who transforms it is Elizabeth Bathory – the Blood Countess. With very special thanks to Harlequin, here is a sample of what to expect:

Erzsé and Rebecka

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!