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The Atomic Punk

Character Contest 73: Virgo

My Reptoid inspired me to create another drive-in B-movie cult classic.

Swamp Devil


“Betty Lou, I don’t want you hangin’ ’round that Bobby McTaggert anymore.”


“No, I done told you. That boy ain’t nuttin’ but trouble.”

“He’s a good man, mama. He loves me.”

“Child, a smooth-talker with a fast car wants only one thing. And you best save that for when you marry.”

“Whatever, mama! He’s picking me up at seven for our date. He said he’s going to bring me flowers.”

“Date? You best be puttin’ on some shoes. Be warned, girl, he’s gonna take you to the backwoods. Ya know what people done tell goes on there.”

“Mama, please, he’s a gentleman.”

“Gentleman? Ha! You watch yo’self or the Swamp Devil will get ya. He gets all those who go to backwoods lookin’ to sin. Daughter of mine, you come back here with your feet muddy, I know where you been.”