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The Atomic Punk

Character Contest 36: Superman Villain

For this contest, I went for a villain to match particular Superman eras. The first was Jack Lane, a villain who would battle the Son of Krypton not with his fists but with litigation. His nemesis would be the Christopher Reeve Superman. Jack Lane symbolizes the corporate greed and sleaze that has been prevalent in Superman comics since the late-1980s. No coincidence that I chose “Jack Lane.” “L’ane” is the French word for “donkey” (“@$$”).

Jack Lane

Story / Profile

It’s a fast-paced world out there. Always something happening. It’s hard to stay on top. Always someone trying to take what you worked so hard for. If they can’t take it, they break it. That’s where I come in.

Please accept my card. My name is Jack Lane, Esquire. I represent some of the most prestigious and respected corporations in the world. My job is to see that their interests and property are protected. Namely from the likes of those costumed vigilantes.

Do you realize the setbacks that many companies have suffered? Some freak with “super powers” comes along. Shatters the proto-type powered body armor that could save soldiers’ lives. That centrifuge developing a kryptonite-based cure for cancer? Smashed by some flying hypochondriac in blue tights. Tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars lost. Not to mention the knowledge gained that could better mankind.

Got some real luddites out there. Afraid of progress. Afraid of mankind’s true potential. Afraid of my principal client. A fine gentleman and true patriot, founder and CEO of LexCorp. Why yes, the honorable Lex Luthor himself.

These vigilantes think that they are not just above the law. They believe that they ARE the law. Should any of these menaces to society threaten you or your property, do not hesitate to call 1-888-NO-SUPERS. They want to disrupt commerce with fists and laser beam eyes. I will strike them with the greatest weapon of all: Justice.

Jack Lane is a power attorney with an edge. Not just the backing of multi-billion dollar corporations, he also has the gift of empathy. Jack uses this power to sway juries to his clients’ favor. He is so successful, many superheroes hesitate to apprehend villains or annihilate threats for fear of lawsuits.

His green pendant is nothing more than an emerald encased in a conductor that causes it to glow. The Kryptonite is in his watch.