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The Atomic Punk

FNF2, Round 1: Friar Tuck

My Friar Tuck is an anonymous computer hacker. For his design, I tried to create a first person view of the Sheriff of Nottingham trying to access the Royal Treasury – only to be thwarted by Friar Tuck.

Frère Tuk

Of all the Merry Men, Frère Tuk is the most enigmatic. Robin Hood “met” Tuk while attempting to hack into the Fontane Dale Financial Systems’ network. Robin intended to use the bank as a backdoor to the Sheriff of Nottingham’s tax records. FDF and Nottingham have a rather cozy relationship. Tuk was well aware of Nottingham’s financial tricks. Still, he had a job to do.

Robin and Tuk fought a pitched battle in cyberspace. First, was a battle of wits, spamming floods, Spacebook flaming, and chat room insults. Robin grew impatient and launched an all out attack: denials of service, worms, even writing virus code on the fly. In all, their exchanges were fifty for fifty.

Suddenly, Tuk relented. Robin took advantage and “blew the horn”: hacker jargon for a rapid code break. Tuk also blew the horn. Robin found himself on the defensive. Tuk had responded with his “packet dogs.” Code of his own design, the packet dogs had infiltrated Robin’s own network.

Just as Robin thought he would lose his entire system in a flash, Tuk broke the attack. He sent a message to Robin: “Well played, good sir. I am most impressed.” Tuk then opened the Sheriff’s system to Robin for a brief glimpse.

Robin and Tuk soon were chatting regularly in cyberspace. The two have never met, at least Robin does not believe that they ever have. No one knows whether Tuk is a real person. Some rumors say that Tuk is an artificial intelligence. Others, that he is a brain tape that made its way into cyberspace. Still others say Tuk might be a double agent working for Fontane Dale. To add to the riddle, Tuk now refers to himself as FrereTuk. He claims that Tuk stands for “Truth, Unity, and Knowledge.”

Tuk is the merriest of the Merry Men. He is Robin’s Chief Intelligence Officer, despite never being physically present. Though he can be flaky and sometimes mischevious, he has never broken Robin’s trust. If he is human, he must imbibe quite frequently. Some of his chats tend to be rambling and incoherent.