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Thanks, Myro. I am enjoying this retrospect. Trying to motivate myself to further develop some of these characters. Maybe write a book or pitch a TV series or movie. Speaking of television, Character Contest 34: Adventure. The challenge was to create an extra-dimensional or alien character who becomes a reality TV star on his/her/its homeworld by adventuring on earth.

Yarg (Jay Smith) was my first entry. I am a big fan of matinees and the cliff-hanger serials of the 1930s, 40s, and 50s. Especially their unabashed campy spacemen outfits. This Cavalier is a tribute to those by-gone days of summer afternoons with movie theaters advertising that they had air-conditioning.

Character Contest 34: Adventure

Yarg (Jay Smith), Cavalier


The inhabitants of Gaea were amazed that the beings on the other side of the inter-dimensional portal were humans like themselves. They quickly set to learn more about their new neighbors. From videos that they found upon their first encounter, the Gaeans concluded that earth is a barbaric, backward planet. There was a definite sense of right and wrong. The forces of good and justice needed help.

The Gaeans decided that before they would announce their presence to the earthlings, earth would have to be civilized. It was decided to recruit their most exemplary citizen to represent Gaea. To involve the whole citizenry, a contest was held: “Gaea’s Greatest”. Each week, television viewers voted on their favorite champion.

It was decided that Yarg, a Corporal in the Royal Cavaliers, would bring peace to earth. Inspired by movies of earth heroes such as Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers, Cavalier uses his charm and wit before resorting to his stun gun. His left glove has a built-in force field generator. In part to conceal his real identity as a visitor from another dimension, Cavalier has adopted the alternate identity of Jay Smith, All-American kid from Peoria. His costume is also meant to hide his other-worldly origin.

Initially, Cavalier was implanted with a recording chip so that the Science and Culture Ministries could monitor his progress. Due to the popularity of “Gaea’s Greatest”, it was decided that his adventures would be broadcast to the citizens.