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Character Contest 64 – Legionnaire

A return to writing. At first, I thought the character contrasted too much with the background. They work well together. Like she is standing on a theater stage. I really like the background, one of if not my favorite.

Her eyes are supposed to be looking into her hands. But, hey, she’s an alien in a psychic trance. How do we know how her eyes are supposed to fix.

And her belt is rather plain.

Oracle Girl: Vision of Venus


Pa’ewl Jo’ar is a young Venutian seer. The Sisters of Sol discovered early that she had powerful visions beyond those of the beautiful oceans of Venus. It was decided that Pa’ewl would go to earth. There, her powers would help defend the entire galaxy.

The Legion of Super-Heroes welcomed Pa’ewl, who prefers her adopted earth name “Oracle Girl.” She is able to foresee danger on a cosmic scale. Oracle Girl is a positive force and spiritual being. She knows that the future that she sees is changeable. She is openly curious about human beliefs.

Oracle Girl is also telepathic. Unfortunately, she is not able to always correctly interpret the thoughts of non-Venutians. Oracle Girl is a neophyte developing her powers through meditation and practice. She is mildly psychokinetic, able to lift books, apples, and other small objects. If desperate she can “throw” a pen or a knife from a table.