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The Atomic Punk

Character Contest 60 – Revamp 2.0

Emmanuel Sosa designed his knights in HeroMachine 2.5. I re-imagined them as ska cover-band “The Sugg Knights,” influenced by the classic 1980s British comedy “The Young Ones” and one of my favorite bands Madness. Madness’ lead singer goes by the name of “Suggs.” My gathering of the term “sugg” is that it means something along the lines of “an unemployed punk in a cheap suit.” “Sugg Knights” is a play on the name of notorious Death Row producer “Sug Knight.”

Audiophiles might also enjoy bands like The Jam, The Specials, The Members, the compilation album “Bad Hair Day” (ska covers of heavy metal and hard rock songs), and any of the “Give ‘Em the Boot” compilations.

Going to spread this one out over a few posts as I have the group picture and individual member shots. For the record, my group picture is one widescreen shot not four pictures pasted together. Which was why I chose Sosa’s original design. To get a better feel for moving Items outside of the main HM window. At the time… what a pain. So I overlook my mistakes when it comes to the instruments and masking of hands.

Emmanuel Sosa’s “Knights”

The Atomic Punk’s “Sugg Knights”: Rocking out Ska covers of Death Row Records circa 2011