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The Atomic Punk

Character Contest 60 – Revamp 2.0

Jeff announced today that the HeroMachine Pin-Up Edition is now available. I believe it and other versions of HM were in limbo while Jeff and UGO finalized some agreements. What coincidence, because Janie is my original character who I created in HM Pin-Up then re-envisioned for this Character Contest.

Haven’t decided where she fits. I could work either version or both into my meta-verse, my mecha-verse, or just about any short story or continuum. In the HM 3 version, I wanted to give her a Yellow Rose tattoo. The yellow didn’t show very well, so I stuck with red. Looking again, I should have stayed with yellow.

Without further adieu, gentlemen (and ladies), taking the stage tonight… Janie!

Concept and design by the Atomic Punk
Janie was a 19-year old freshman at the University of Texas-Austin. She was “working her way through college” at The Shack just off US Highway 183 South. That changed when Time Revolutionaries “drafted” her to be a cybersoldier in Texas’ third war for independence.

HeroMachine Pin-Up Edition


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