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The Atomic Punk

Character Contest 59 – Pisces

We are coming to the close of the Age of Pisces. Soon will be the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Which, coincidentally, begins on December 21, 2012. Why is that date so familiar?

Thinking of a character, I recalled some Sumerian legends. These stories have found their way into modern belief systems (notably Judaism and Christianity). As fate would have it, Ancient Aliens was on History Channel. So I wrapped all these elements together to create an interpretation of Zu, the Southern Wind. A creature said to exist in the first days of the Age of Pisces.

On a personal note, I encourage everyone to play “Age of Aquarius (Let the Sunshine In)” by The Fifth Dimension on December 21st. Then any song with “time” in its title or as its theme. Except “Time” by Pink Floyd if you are at a bar. Great song if you play “Dark Side of the Moon” in its entirety at a house party, but it really kills the atmosphere as a single.

Also, “apocalypse” is the Greek word for “unveiling” not “the end of the world.” I know what I’m doing that Friday!



The Legend
The Lion-Headed Thunderbird of Sumerian and Akkadian mythology. Also called Anzu or Imdugud, Zu stole the Tablets of Destiny from Enlil, the Lord of the Wind. He hid them on a mountaintop. Many tried to find them. Many failed.

Some say it was Marduk, son of Enki, who dispatched Zu. Others claim Nin Ur, the Lord Plough, slew the demon. One thing is certain. It was Moses who retrieved the Tablets from Mount Sinai.