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Thunderstorms and tornado warnings have pretty much ruined my Saturday. So, another posting.

Warmage is my favorite CC 32 entry. I have him in mind for several stories that I will think about writing but probably will never put into actual words.

Character Contest 32: It’s a Class Thing



Kip Poppleton always wanted to be a wizard. While other kids were taking the ACT and LSAT, Kip was studying Arcane Lore. He learned the fundamentals of alchemy and cross-dimensional calculus. His parents really wanted him to go to college but could not afford Cal State-Chico.

In junior high school, Kip discovered the ROTC. Not only would Uncle Sam help pay for his college, Kip would also receive training as an electrician should his dream of becoming a wizard not pan out. His ASVAB scores were high enough to enlist. Kip’s recruiter also asked him to take the DMAB (Defense Magic Aptitude Battery).

Kip thought it was a joke. After nine weeks of Basic Combat Training, the Army sent Kip to Advanced Individual Training in Salisbury, England. Kip graduated from the Defense Wizard Institute at the top of his class. Now, he fights on the frontlines of the Occult War. Codename: Warmage.

Kip has to tell the folks back home that life as an Army electrician stationed in the Near East is boring. In fact, he battles other wizards, dragons, demons, and all sorts of “ickys” (ICK – Irregular Combat Kobolds).

Warmage is proud of his service. He works alongside the most clandestine operatives in the world. His only regret is that wizards are long-lived. The regular G.I. Bill is a four-year enlistment. Kip’s Military Occupational Specialty Code is WOX-666 (Wizard Officer, Field Operations) requires a 60-year commitment.