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The Atomic Punk

Character Contest 53 – Bad Guy

A victim of condition and circumstance. An incredible opponent whose motivation is not conquest or riches rather protection. A pawn, a robot, a killer who does not question only acts. Whose monicker is also a carry-over from Character Contest 45 – The Kirby Train.

Steel Blue Stick Pony


Mortimer “Morty” Kirkley was born with severe Downs Syndrome. Though a happy child, he was teased mercilessly by the other children. So much so, that he would go in to violent rages. His parents enrolled him into a special therapy program that involved taking care of horses. The school even gave him a stick pony to ride. Morty was not allowed to ride the horses because of his condition.

The ranch hired Morty full-time when he graduated. Even as an adult, he enjoyed riding the stick pony and playing with guests. He was truly liked and happy. Sometimes he would lash out when frustrated. Which gave a greedy ranch hand called “Slick” an idea.

Slick was a drug addict who desperately needed cash. He robbed the ranch owners and killed them. He was able to frame Morty. During the trial, Morty assaulted the judge. Out of fear and frustration, as he could not understand why the ranch owners had left. Nor why he had to leave home.

The judge was corrupt and a known power-tripper. Despite the state’s ban, the judge sentenced Morty to die by electrocution. The prison carried out the execution after Morty killed another inmate who had spat in his applesauce.

His body was not taken to the prison cemetery. Instead, it was sold to Dr. Tina Mendoza… Dr. Menudo. The infamous scientist who turns the near and recently-dead into cyborg killing machines. Shortly after his resurrection, Morty escaped back to the ranch to be with his horses.

Dr. Menudo is still able to control Morty through promises of provisions for the horses and threats of “bad men” coming to take them away. Being with a child’s mind, Morty never asks questions. He does not trust anyone else.

Though his frame is diminutive, it is made of the most advanced alloys. His right arm is a multi-function cannon with a “last blast” rocket launcher on his shoulder. Morty is amazingly strong and is able to leap and bound great distances. His left arm is encased in steel with a video communicator to Dr. Menudo.

However, Morty’s left palm is still flesh. He can pet the horses and feel the warmth of the sun. Some would call this a miracle of cybernetics and neurology. To Dr. Menudo, it is one way to calm Steel Blue’s rage.