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Character Contest 53 – Bad Guy

Murder Fuel is actually a boss from a video game concept. I don’t have the know-how or the resources to design it. Funny thing is, I envision my video game along the lines of “Final Fantasy” though I have played none of the titles. From the commercials, yes, that is the how I want my game to flow. Maybe a little less anime-style.

Picture yourself as the hero or heroine stepping into an elegant baroque ballroom. The dancers waltz in 16th Century costume to Siouxsie and the Banshees “Kiss Them for Me.” As you make your way through the ballroom, there is a shadowy figure sitting on a throne just behind the head table. Before you reach the table, the dancers turn into vampires and flying demons.

You fend them off as you reach for the prized goblet that the mysterious prince holds. The mysterious foe leaps from his perch. Now you face Murder Fuel. You must defeat him or seize the goblet to gain access to the next level.

Here is Murder Fuel as a Bad Guy in my meta-verse:

Murder Fuel


Since junior high, Rick Malmquist had always been an intentional misfit. He had tried to form a Satanic cult in eighth grade. He would tell his friends that his life’s ambition was to become a real demon. Perhaps become more powerful than the Devil himself. Which drew the attention not only of the school counselors, but of… others.

Jocks and bullies would beat up Rick and his friends all the way through high school graduation. Rick dropped out of college to become the next Anne Rice or Trent Reznor. He even joined “Murder Fuel,” a local goth band. At thirty-eight, he was the “creepy old man.”

Rick became obsessed with youth. He would hang around Hot Topic, read the entire Twilight series, and was first in line for every Harry Potter movie. Now calling himself Vicomte Richard, he had won the trust of the young vampire clique. Not because of any personal charm; rather, the kids used Rick for easy access to alcohol and drugs.

One particular groupie, “Colette”, caught Rick’s attention. She seemed to be genuinely interested in the Vicomte’s diabolic fantasy. Colette encouraged Rick and the others to participate in Satanism. The clique thought nothing of the blood rituals, as long as there was plenty of absinthe.

Colette was a succubus. She seduced Rick then offered to make him a demon. The deal was simple. He would become more powerful with every murder. Rick wasted no time. He killed the Satanic Circle that night. As promised, Rick began to transform.

Rick had become Murder Fuel, an evolving demon driven by bloodlust. He soon realized that mere mortals did not grow his power quickly. If he were to rule the planes of Hell, he would have to slaughter more than the innocent. Murder Fuel would have to strike down angels and other forces of light.

Murder Fuel continues to study and practice black arts. He not only kills for power, but also for pleasure. He recently developed claws as part of his transformation into a true demon. So excited was Murder Fuel, he dismembered Colette for the sensation of them tearing into flesh.

To divine beings, Murder Fuel is a neophyte rogue. They have defeated his kind in the past. Even though he has already dispatched three minor angels they sent to destroy him. Likewise, the denizens of Hell consider Murder Fuel to be a spurious upstart. Unlike the angels, the demons want him to become more powerful. For the more power he gains, the more powerful his killer will become.