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The Atomic Punk

Thanks, meniukas and djuby.

From the onset of my “gallery,” my stated purpose was to self-critique and take a break from new characters. I’m feeling burned out personally and professionally. This review helps me relax and re-focus.

Character Contest 53 – Bad Guy

Here is a great self-critique. I designed a standard 1930s gangster. It wasn’t until I had finished “Hitman” that I noticed his left hand was disproportionate. I did not save the character. Thus, I could not go back to correct this error.

Then I thought, meh… let’s just write that into his character bio.



Sal Rossi is known as “The Hitman” not because he is the mafia’s number one assassin. Rossi was born with a rare form of gigantism. His left hand is twice the size as normal for his body proportion.