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Thanks for the nods. It’s Heck Week, so I’ve fallen behind on my daily additions. Continuing on…

Character Contest 30: It’s a Class Thing

I have had this story lingering on my hard drive for a long time. This saga is separate from my mecha-verse, though I might incorporate it later.

Paladin of Tyranny


Achi’i had been engaged in open global war for nearly one hundred years. Peace was a distant memory. One clear morning, a message came from Heaven. A benevolent alien civilization offered to broker a lasting peace. The Achi’a granted the new species powers of law enforcement as they did not trust one another.

For nearly thirty years, Achi’i was peaceful. What had started as a peace grew into new alliances. New alliances became confederations; confederations became blocs; eventually the blocs united under the eight Ruling Councils.

As these events came to pass, the Benefactors’ presence increased. The alien species brought more technology and more enforcement. The Ruling Councils began to demand more production and efficiency from the Achi’a. More mines, more factories, more obedience.

Millions of Achi’a began to openly revolt. The Ruling Councils reformed into the Global Council. The new planetary government immediately declared martial law. To enforce this law, the Benefactors brought the Paladin class tank. They laid waste to much of Achi’i.

With its power secure, the Global Council began to reform Achi’i. Achi’i is known throughout the Systems as a brutal, oppressive regime. There remain pockets of resistance. It is difficult for the rebels to make headway against the Global Council. They are unorganized and suspicious of everyone. Though they will accept almost any help that they can get from the Outworlds.

The Free Achi’a have yet to score a kill against the Paladins. All efforts are concentrated on their destruction. Behind the scenes, the Benefactors have their own plans for Achi’i and the Global Council. Achi’i Rizah willing, her spirit will be free!