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Character Contest 47: Weather, Weather Everywhere

Gayel Force is a hybrid from my Achi’i storyline. Her mother is an Achi’a duchess and her father is a Benefactor general. To re-cap, the planet Achi’i was in the grip of world war. The Benefactors came to the planet offering peace. Instead, the became brutal oppressors. The Benefactors have taken Achi’a mates from the royal houses to secure power and create a bloodline.

Thus, being of noble birth, Gayel became an officer in the Benefactor Armada. Her post prevents Achi’i starships from escaping the solar system as well as intercepts outside aid. Her cybernetic arm and leg are not a result of a battle or an accident. They are sheaths that cover her boneless Benefactor tendrils. The patch covers her Benefactor eye which has been blind since birth.

All of this, the Achi’a, the Benefactors, Gayel Force, the entire storyline is subject to change. My dad saw Gayel on my laptop and asked me if she is supposed to be Honor Harrington. He has read every one of the Honorverse books. Whereas I have read none. Admittedly, there is a resemblance.

Gayel Force: Battle-scarred veteran; Torn between two worlds