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The Atomic Punk

Character Contest 30: It’s a Class Thing

The theme was to design a superhero around a Dungeons & Dragons character class. I am archiving five of my entries from least to most favorite. First is Carlton Binder. Binders summon monsters and spirits to perform tasks. Carlton is a business tycoon in a magical world.

Carlton Binder


Whooooiiieeee! Who’d have thunk it, huh? All them years haggling with those desert nomads. Making outrageous demands. Threatening to cut off the supply of dragon tears. Worse, threatening to cut off my fool head!

Shoulda listened to my wizard buddy a long time ago. Attend a few empowerment seminars at the Downtown Marriott. Read a few magic tomes. Arcane… heck, easier than Spanish!

Now look at this. Convinced that goblin fellow back there to catch me a fairy dragon. Start my own dragon tear refinery! Got an ogre who says he’s gonna get me a couple of nomad heads, too. Hey, Omar, remember that time you left me to die in the Wastelands of Aban’thia? Yeah, payback’s a bitch. Only gonna cost me a goblin.

Speaking of which. Junior back there ain’t none too bright. Promised him three bags of platinum for this little flower. Instead, he pointed to the globe on my desk. I said, “If you don’t want the platinum, you can have this whole world!”

And he agreed! By the time he figured it out, I’d already surrounded me and my money with this protective rune circle. Now go away, kid! Deal’s a deal! Do come back in about a week, though. Need you to help me with an ogre problem.