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My setting is called Exemplars, and it revolves around a super group called “The Sentinels” (I only realized later, when we were well into the story, that it was also the name of the default super-group in Mutants and Masterminds).

So lets start out with some villains, all of which I haven’t gotten around to using just yet.

First of we have: Obriel the Outsider.
Obriel is a fallen angel, a free agent in the war between heaven and hell, he is chaos incarnate and serves as one of the big bads in my world.

Next we have the villain: Submission.
Submission came about after looking at one of the tutorials on this site, the one about living tattoos. Submission is a super-powered martial artist who needs to prove that he is the greatest fighter to ever have lived, he serves as the Nemesis of one of my player characters The Raven. Submission’s power is the ability to absorb energy and turn it into physical strength.

And for my third and final offering tonight we have a character who stands on the line between hero and villain: King Nereus.
King Nereus is (as you might guess) my setting’s Aquaman/Namor character, the ruler of the Seven Seas and as such he cannot simply serve as a hero, since he must look out for the interests of his people first and foremost. Nereus is actually the result of generations of selective breeding in the royal line and a generous dose of genetic tampering, a genetically enhanced super-soldier from birth.