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Name: Samedi
Age: 27
Height: 6’2
Powers/Abilities: Necromancy, Voodoo, Shamanism, Curse Inducement, Illusion Manipulation, Resurrection, Smoke Generation
Equipment: Skull Staff
Alignment: Villain

No one is really sure where Samedi came from, some say The Islands, others say right here in the swamps of the USA. What everyone is sure of, though, is that this man is the embodiment of evil. It is believed that, wherever he came from, he was a powerful voodoo priest. Samedi first appeared after a battle between Warhawk and Grimm at Greyfrost Memorial Cemetery. After Grimm’s defeat at the hands of the hero, Warhawk, smoke engulfed the cemetery, the ground began to shake and the graves began to split open, sending hundreds of walking corpses in Warhawk’s direction. Warhawk tried his best to send the horde back to their graves, but was overwhelmed and forced to retreat. The hero, C-4, was nearby and came to assist Warhawk. But what he found was an untouched graveyard. No Grimm, no shambling corpses, no nothing. Save for a tiny doll, with a note attached reading “Samedi.” Since then, Samedi has proved to be a formidable adversary, aligning himself with Grimm to take down the heroes with the power of death in his hands.