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Name: Audere
Affiliation: Hero
Abilities: Skilled at Parkour and use of several small gadgets he carries around including a retractable Bo staff
Info: Born François Inderes to a journalist and philosopher. Audere started off as a punk free runner in Paris at the age of 11. He wore a mask so as if he was caught on camera or by the police none would be able to identify him straight away. As he grew older he perfected his skills and soon people were looking out for the famous masked free runner. At school he was the model student. He was Smart, well mannered and athletic and this put him as far away from being considered the masked free runner as possible. Even during his college years he continued free running. One day however he saw someone was getting mugged and decided to step in. He used what he knew of free running to his advantage and as a result defeated the mugger. It was on that day he decided to use his abilities for good and become the hero Audere which was Latin to dare.