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Herr D

Good luck with the laptop thing. I’ve been cautioned from various sources concerning customer service for Dell and Acer products and Acer hardware. Specifics did not agree everytime.

On another note, as a former advocate for mental health, I should mention that schizophrenia is almost never associated with Multiple Personality Disorder anymore, that they are treated as very separate conditions now. MPD is believed to be induced completely by trauma, child abuse, etc., where schizophrenia and related illnesses have a genetic component and, once triggered, usually don’t result in behaving like or believing in separate internal personalities. Dissociation is still a part of schizophrenia as a category, and that, among other things will continue to confuse the general public about advances in the field. Terminology is one of the biggest problems–and every field needs better writers. If every field HAD clearer writers, that would be something, huh?