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Name: The Four Horsemen (Conquest, Death, Famine and War)
Affiliation: Villains
Info: Conquest- Unknown and never seen leader of the Horsemen. His abilities are Unknown but he is feared by his

Death-Known to be an unstoppable killing machine and Leaves the corpses of his victims hanging from a Noose as his
calling card. Almost never seen by survivors. Other Abilities unknown

Famine- A quiet almost shadow like Killer. Brutal with his tactics often leaves a disgusting looking body either poisoned or
Carved up.

War- The most brutal of all the Horsemen. He is the dog of the Four. He only follows orders and is an unstoppable killing
machine. His tactics vary from cutting his targets to pieces, to shooting them so much there is little left to recognise
the target. He is only used for a job that requires someone dead and he can kill as many as he wishes.