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“Revamped design of my old character”
Name: The Clown
Affiliation: Anti hero
Abilities: Extreme Nerve damage allows him to withstand pain that would normally knock any normal sane human being out.
Info: Bradley Campbell worked as a cop in the big city and was an honest one to booth. Born and raised to catholic parents he was always told if he lived a good life good things would happen to him and that evil would always be punished. He married a beautiful woman and had a son, whom he would often entertain with magic tricks. The police department was having trouble with the mob and as a result the mob needed to send a message. One night when he returned home Brad was assaulted and knocked unconscious by mafia hit men. When he woke up he saw that they were holding a canister of something and had his family tied up. He was then forced to inhale what was in the canister and started laughing. Every time he was forced to take breaths of the gas resulting in more and more gas being pumped into his system. He laughed as his family were brutally tortured and killed in front of his own eyes. He was then brutally beaten and thrown off the peer believed to be dead. Washing up on shore he suffered a nervous breakdown when he woke up asking why he had to suffer and why he couldn’t feel anything. His body had suffered nerve damage as a result of the gas, and all he could think of was how he laughed. He took up a variety of different weapons (including a pistol, a bat and a knife) and found a creepy smiling badge in the sand. He seeks justice but has a cracked perception about what is right and wrong?