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Name: Titan
Affiliation: Villain
Abilities: Ability to absorb any form of energy and fire it in a beam towards his opponent from his hands, eyes, or chest piece, can increase strength and mass by absorbing energy into system, can create a repulsion field around himself
Info: Thomas Duke was the son of a scientist who constantly experimented on him. His mother died giving birth to his sister who then died due to an accident in his father’s lab. Thomas always hated his father for his agonising experiments and lack of empathy. One day his father tried to sell a weapon he was designing for the government and wanted to test it in front of the general. Thomas watched from the house as his father exploded after turning the weapon on. Thomas spent the rest of his teen years as a delinquent and was arrested numerous times. However, over the years Thomas had got into trouble with the wrong people and they were now after him. Finding the chest piece he decided he would kill himself when they arrived so as to give them a show. When the door was broke down he turned it on, sending a huge yellow beam from his chest towards the intruders. Finding that his father died due to an overcharge in the battery cells, Thomas found that he could use this weapon to become a powerful crime lord. He fashioned a suit so as to harness the weapons full potential while keeping him safe.