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Character Design Contest 39
Name: Lime Light
Trait: Ability to shoot bolts of lime coloured light from her body,body and blood can become lumeneciant, and can fly.
Info: I always loved to be the centre of attention,Ya know? Wanted to move to L.A ,become an actress, and make something of myself. Be famous for who I am not what I looked like. My granny always told me “Jenny. One day you will be on every Television in the country, but ya may not like why your on it”. I always hated it when she was right. See my parents weren’t exactly normal…My father worked as a mechanic, my Mom worked as a physics teacher at the university of Chicago. Anyway enough about my life before the coma. See this is where things get weird. One day I’m walking home from school and BAM! Truck hits me. I survive, but I am comatose for a few months. But then I wake up like that and everyone’s staring at me. And I am glowing! Super Powers baby!
So now I’m fighting crime and all over the T.V doing it. Even got a funky Nickname. Lime Light.

Up close