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(Wanted to go something touchy for a while now then it came to me after seeing the Hall of Fame character based off the KKK. Now I must state that this is a little less Pg then my usual backstories but I was proud of how the character came out and wanted to share. This is not to offend or inspire. )

Name:Jackson Kane/The Hanged Man
Affiliation: None

Traits:Scars cover almost 50 percent of his body, wears a noose around his neck to remind those he has defeated death, carries a rope to hang klan members, wears the shackles he was forced to wear when they tortured him.

Info: Jackson Kane was raised to believe God would always punish the wicked and reward the innocient. Even as a slave he believed this. Even as Master whipped him or beat him for making a mistake he believed this. But then came the day Jackson was pushed against a cross, mocked and whipped almost to death by the men he worked for. They put a sack like mask on his face and beat him around a little. They then wrapped a rope around his neck and began to lynch him.It wasnt because he had done wrong. It was because they knew they could. As the air drained from Jackson and life escaped him. A gunshot echoed through the forest hitting the rope that was draining the life of Jackson. Three more shots were fired. One Klan member went down. Then another. Then the last. Jackson looked up to who had saved him.A white man of all things. Jackson stood to his feet and looked the man in the eyes. Those cold steel blue eyes. The white man stood up Jackson and gave him a choice. He could take the money the white man was offering and run away or he could come with him and learn how to get his revenge in a way only dogs like those men deserved. Jackson Kane died on that day. And the Hanged man’s Legend began.