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When The Five Powers was introduced to the world and they became the age where they could be sent on assignments they suggested to The First Queen Of Light that they start a search for the missing members the Queen agreed so they started there search. After the girls asked the Queen Of Light if they could look for the missing members she explained that she thinks the missing members could be with The Queen Of Darkness, the girls where shocked they though the other two just didn’t want to be in the group when they left not that they had turned evil but The Queen of Light told the girls this may not be the case they might have just ran off but The Queen said to the girls that she thinks they should search suspected hideouts of The Queen of Darkness.

The Five Powers began searching every suspected hideout but after searching 5 hideouts found nothing, they where about to give up until the Queen Of Light said to the girls there is one more where she might be so Keira teleported them. When The Five Powers teleported to the location they where stud in front of a dark cave, Mia instantly said-
“Its to dangerous for us all to go in a dark confided space, Isobel i will create a fireball use your telekinesis to carry it in the cave with you and see if you find anything, if anything happens speak to us with your telepathy and we will come rushing in. Got It ?.”
“Got It” Isobel said back with no hesitation
so Mia created a fire ball and Isobel used her powers to carry it with her, half way into the cave Isobel uses her telepathy to report back nothing found yet when the flame went out suddenly Isobel felt a giant stabbing feeling in her chest, gathering she was hurt she tried to contact the others with her telepathy but it wasn’t working she tried to scream but no noise came out it was like all her worst nightmares at once she felt as-if someone was draining her life like someone had there hand around her heart squeezing it but then it just stopped Isobel felt no pain her telepathy worked she told the girls she had been attacked they all rushed in with a panic finding Isobel on the floor.

Searching the whole cave after Isobel’s attack the girls found nothing no one was there and no sign that anyone was ever there, the girls took Isobel to the Queen Of Light-
“nothing wrong with her” said the Queen, Aimee replies
“but she said she was stabbed in the heart how could she feel it if it never happened”
“maybe is was someone using magic on her or someone with illusion powers” the Queen replies
The next morning Isobel woke up to find a mark on her chest shocked she remembers the father of her son had a mark just like this one on his neck but when she seen him before the birth it was not there, puzzled Isobel thought best not to tell the rest of the group unit they finish on there search. A few months passed by and Isobel still had not told the girls about the mark even though the search had finished months ago, after thinking it through Isobel decided she would tell the girls after a training session they where in, after the session finished the girls where on the way to there rooms Isobel was walking with Tiama and Aimee she decided to show them she said
“girls iv got something thing to show you” she took of her top
“it appeared a day after i was attacked in the cave im sorry i never told you earlier i didn’t want to worry you i though it would go away”
before Tiama and Aimee could reply they heard an enormous bang from the main hallway Isobel lost her telepathy connection with Mia
“Girls iv lost connection with Mia lest go” said Isobel with a panicked voice
the three girls ran to the main hallway door to find Keira.
Keira- “Mia is in there iv teleported to every door, window cant get in all stuck shut iv herd fighting and Mia screaming Graces name”
“Grace” replied Tiama with confusion
Isobel- “i sens shes in there with two other people and in think the other one is Margo”
Tiama- “Margo ! we need to get in there” Tiama pulled back her arm about to punch the door through when Aimee stopped her she looked at her and her face was filled with worry Tiama said –
“what, what is it ?”
“turn around” replied Aimee
Tiama turned only to find something she has been looking for most of her life


before Tiama could fathom her sister was standing in front of her Tara flew at Tiama blasting herslef and Tiama through the wall into the next room, Isobel told Keira to help Tiama while she gets the doors open but she Tiama told her to back down, suddenly Isobel felt a giant pain in her chest falling to the floor.
she woke up the next day in the medical room with Mia by her side
“what happened ?” Isobel said
“well The Queen Of Darkness dose have my sister and Tiamas also she has Grace we suspect your son is with them to” Mia replied
“but why show up yesterday just out of nowhere” said Isobel confused to what Mia is trying to tell her
Mia – “they where here to send a message”
Isobel – ” a message what message”
Mia – “well if you let me finish ill tell you, they came to give us a warning stay out there way or die at there hands”
Isobel – “why are they doing this ?”
Mia – “I dont know, The Queen Of Light said that this mark on your chest is a mark the Queen of darkness gave you, she was the one who attacked you and even though no one saw her she was here yesterday and we think she triggered it”
Isobel – “Triggered it ? what dose that mean ?”
Mia – “The Queen dose not know what type of mark it is what it dose to you, that whats shes doing now trying to find out”

Ever since then Isobel has been having dreams of the Queen of Darkness of her walking towards her and accepting The Queen has her Queen, but the Queen Of Light reassured Isobel it was just because of the mark. One night The Queen Of Light checked on Isobel in her room but she was not there The Queen rushed to wake the other girls, The Queen told the girls she had a faint feeling of where Isobel is shes back at the cave, Keira teleported the girls back to the cave and there was Tara, Margo and Isobel standing in front of it


Isobel screamed –
Mia- “that is girls ATTACK !”
Queen Of Light- “Wait shes here”
Aimee- “Who’s here ?”
Queen Of Darkness – “Hello Girls i don’t think we have been properly introduced, I am..”
Mia- “Yea we know who you are what do you want with Isobel ?!”
Queen Of Darkness- “she chose me Mia just like your daughter done”
Mia- “You B**** I’m going to…”
Queen Of Darkness- “What kill me haha i have been alive for hundreds of years good luck with that”
Mia- “Isobel only came to you because you gave her that mark and you have her son”
Queen Of Darkness- “Oh yes the mark let me tell you about…”
Mia- “enough ATTACK”
before the girls got even close to the queen she touched Isobel’s mark and she erupted turning her evil enhancing her power ten fold.

The floor cracked under the girls tress disintegrated before there eyes
Mia- ” Isobel ! Isobel !”
Queen Of Light- “its no good we need to get out of here, Keira lets go”
Keira- “Gotcha”

Keria teleported the girls back to the mansion, everyone is in confusion “what do they do now” Mia questioned the Queen Of Light

Queen Of Light- ” I need to get close enough to try and heal her and get the Dark Mark of her but her powers have increased so much because of the mark we wont get near her, i need to give a Light Mark to one of you so we can match here power”
Mia- ” Ill do It”
Queen Of Light- ” No you power of fire is to unpredictable no one knows what will happen i think Tiama can handle it”
Tiama- “Okay lets do it”

The Queen of Light lifted out her hand a beam of light shun out of it so bright it momentarily blinded everyone in the room she put her hand on Tiamas chest transferring the mark and enhancing her powers.

Queen of Light- ” the mark will remain sealed, when we get back there i will release it you will feel intense power and you and your power will change. Now lets go”

The Girls and the Queen teleported there as soon as they got there an seen Isobel ripping away the scenery the Queen released the light mark on Tiama making her erupt with power


Tiama started fired her now more powerfull energy ball at Isobel while the others distracted Margo, Tara and the Queen of Darkness. after a long fight Tiama struck Isobel down rendering her unconscious for a few seconds the Queen Of Light was straight to her put her palms on her chest, beams of Light spread everywhere The Queen Of Darkness sped towards them in a cloud of darkness none of the girls powerful enough yet to stop her but Tiama is she stood in here way and the Queen Of Darkness said –
“she isn’t worth all this you can have her i still have the son you just wait to see what happens”

The Queen Of Darkness diapered with the other two in a cloud of darkness. with Isobel healed and free of the Dark Mark The Queen Of Light removed Tiama’s with her asking-
“why cant i keep it ? why cant you give it to all of us?”
Queen Of Light- “because you need to learn your powers grow with them i can not just give it to you, for now concentrate on getting better because if i know my sister its not going to be small”