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A year or so after The Five Power where reveled to the world two of the members Isobel and Mia went out on a night out to celebrate after completing a recent assignment they had been on, deep into the night they both met two good looking boys witch they cant remember the names off they can just remember they both had matching tattoos on there neck anyway one thing got to another and you know what happens i don’t need to go into detail. Coincidentally they both got pregnant, not knowing so they both carried on with there life until a routine medical which reveled they where both pregnant Isobel with a boy and Mia a girl.

After a few months had past and there bumps where noticeable Mia and Isobel where both ordered to stay in the mansion they lived with the rest of the girls and where not aloud to go on any assignments, be seen in public or do any charity work so anything that involved them being in the public eye they where not aloud to do, basically the American Government didn’t want the world to know that two 16 and 17 year old girls had got pregnant under there care. Because the branch that works for the American Government and the Worlds Governments acts as a legal guardian over the girls along with The First Queen Of Light. The decision made was that they would have there babies taken of them so before they where born the two girls went in search for the fathers to see if they would take care of the babies but when they found the two boys they claimed they had never met them before after hearing this from the two boys and them swearing not enough alcohol in the world could make them forget hooking up the girls from The Five Powers Isobel was quick to read the mind of one boys and found out there memory had been wiped also noticed by Mia was that there tattoo on there necks are gone.

The day came Isobel went into labor first giving birth in two hours much to her delight, it was a healthy boy but she knew he would have a better life normal “maybe he didn’t inherit my powers and can have a normal life” thought Isobel on the day of the birth but Mia saw Isobel’s baby been taken away seconds after birth and couldn’t handle it she ran and locked her self in the bathroom she already knew her baby inherited her power of fire because a few days before birth Mia’s normally red fire turned blue this happens with Mia’s power of fire every few generations a baby is born who has blue fire and it is said if the person had blue fire its much more stronger than the normal red and because Mia’s baby is that baby her fire temporally turned blue.

Knowing that her daughter will have a life that is not normal killed Mia but the day came like it came for Isobel two days after she gave birth to a boy Mia went into labor and with a grueling 24hr birth a girl was born she was told not to name her but decided to name her Grace after her deceased mother, a few weeks after she was taken the American government reassured the girls they where in a good home and they will keep an eye on them there whole life. Time passed and although the pain never goes away for Mia she must get on with it she is a leader and must do her duties, but one day about 16 years after all that happened Mia was walking threw the mansion she was on her way to her room after training, as she was walking threw the hallway the doors flew shut the room filled with darkness Mia kept a calm head she made a flame in her palm but that did not help thinking to her self there no way the Queen Of Darkness could get through the Lights barriers no way.

Mia had never encountered the Queen Of Darkness before but has herd everything about her and how powerful she is from the Queen Of Light The Five Powers have been on a ongoing hunt for The Dark Queen for some time now also suspecting her sister Margo and Tiamas sister are with her and now she is cumming face to face with her alone but the room filled with light and it was like nothing had happened Mia shuck it of thinking she just had a bad case of paranoia, she carried on walking towards the door….

“Mother” said a voice faintly behind her
Mia turned round and there she was, the daughter Mia gave up 16 years ago sixteen years of not seeing not knowing and there she was.

Mia ran towards her daughter in a fit of tears but before she even took two strides Grace released a blaze of blue fire at here mother, Mia dodged the blaze with Graze laughing “You think i am here for a happy reunion hahahah you couldn’t be more wrong MIA!” Grace launched a full attack on Mia giving it her all screaming “i will kill you” with Mia barely dodging every attack not wanting to fight back because she dose not want to hurt her daughter.
“Why are you doing this i am your mother” Mia screamed at Grace, Grace then halted her attack and said –
“Mother, you are no mother you gave me up and for what to be know as the leader of the grate five powers HA !”
“Grate we are more than grate we protect this world from scum” said Mia with a proud voice
“if your so grate how come none of you caught on to the fact that the Queen of Darkness got me and others inside your mansion witch your Queen apparently protects” grace said with a snobbish tone
“Others who are others ?” Mia wondered
“Hello Sister”
“what are you doing here ? where have you been ?, your not…. not with the Queen Of Darkness are you ?……”
“hahaha your such a fool where do you think iv been, now how longs it been 10 years ? longer ? i cant remember come give your big sis a hug ahahahahah” Margo said sarcastically
“what is all this? why? what have i done ?” cried Mia
“you gave me away, Margo found me days after that raised me along with Isobel’s child The Queen of Darkness cares for us and now its happening” Grace said with a serious look on her face
“whats happening ? what are you doing ?” shouted Mia but before she could carry on shouting Margo and Grace diapered in a mist of black smoke.

[Margo on the top Grace On bottom]