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Finally, the father of Z’lak, the Golden Immortal, the Father of Flatha, Z’lok the Mighty! Even stronger than his son, he seldom leaves the Chamber of Secrets, his throne and symbol of office. He, like his son, is one of the few Flathonians able to use and channel energy. He has seven sons, with Z’lak the eldest and most favored. Little to none is known of more of his powers except rumors. According to the Extherium:
“…So, the Father of Flatha indulged his appetite for power within his Chamber of Secrets, while his Knomana Drivir [Seven Children] plundered the cosmos, stealing her jewels in his accursed name. And he laughed and lounged within his Chamber, and his laugh was such that the Goliath that stood sentry outside his Chamber shuddered in fear, almost toppling the entire residence of the Emperor… And then Z’lok whispered from within his Chamber, calming the Goliath so it once more sat still like a satisfied child. For his tongue is both hard as a diamond, and soft as it’s lure…”