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And to reinforce that I really DO have no life, here, take another. No-ones gonna say I make a sloppy come-back. This guy is a tribute to two of my favorite characters. You probably know AT LEAST one.
Are you really blind when you perceive more than people with eyes? This question may be applied to Robert “Bobby” Harris, AKA the Blindbat. Trying to fight his imminent blindness, Bobby drew on his well-to-do dead uncle’s funds and his own intellect to fashion the Bat-Helm. It would emit sonar waves in the manner of a bat and emit them directly into his brain, thus substituting sight. It was during the construction of this that his sweet-heart, Jenny Evans, was raped and killed by a few thugs. In grief and wont of justice, he also fashioned himself a whole suit, to be able to exact vengeance on his foes. He learned to fight while at the same time combing the Bat-Helm’s integrated computer records for any trace of the thugs in question. Eventually, he managed to find them, and defeat them, but he considered his duty to help others as well, which he proceeded to do, under the alias of Blindbat.
Golden Age Blindbat:
Modern Blindbat: