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Okay… I’m back again.
Don’t ask me why I haven’t posted for so long, because if I told you… I’d have to kill you. I’ve always wanted to say that.
Okay, no more digression. Here’s my first guy in my new character series, which is basically showing a bunch of super heroes evolving from their golden age, one-shade persona, to their modern, fully zypped ones.
With the great ability to control fire comes great need to burns stuff up- at least that’s what Firebrand says, much to the queasiness of other heroes. This easy-go-lucky, somewhat over-caffeinated young fellow was once completely rendered into a burnt out cinder in consequence of a terrorist bombing. Inexplicably, he made a full recovery- from fourth degree burns, I may add- with not a scratch on him, with the power to emit and control fire, though he hasn’t figured out how to use it to fly yet. He can also not be burned by anything less than nuclear fission.
Golden Age Firebrand:
Modern Firebrand: