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Hello, hello, I’m BACK!
Um, anyone?
Between the crickets and the cobwebs I’m guessing this place is more frequented by creepy crawlies than HeroMachiners, but no fear, my nonexistant followers! I’m here!
Now, to be honest, I’ve been around for some time, actually. But I’ve been avoiding this place, I don’t know why. It’s like avoiding an ex; you have no reason to, but you still do. I’ve also grown tired of my good ol’ Extherium universe, so now, the Extherium will be more of a showcase for random stuff rather than universe specific caped couch potatoes devised in my hollow brain.
Here is something I made for the great ONE PART, MANY CHARACTERS contest. I mean, it gave me the brains to rip apart the traditional order of things and get even more creative. Anyways, here it is, my samurai guy thingy:

The Warrior of Sixteen Souls, Zu’Valun. A warrior created when sixteen warriors sacrificed themselves to the Elder Dragon in order to create the ultimate guardian of the Empire of Floating Roses, and the ultimate enemy of the Sta’Ra Dynasty.