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Here is the leader of the Crest, Sinister Sam himself.
An orphan from NY, Samuel Slade was a surprisingly charismatic individual. An accomplished con-man, he earned the nickname of Lucky Sam. His luck ran out though, when he tried to bamboozle the disguised demon Rylann Quinthos. Rylann was amused by the boy, and claimed, “Well well, young pup, well well. Looks like you like to fool people, hm? But ’tis you who was fooled by my illusions! But you amuse me, man child… and so I’ll give you a gift…” Touching the boy’s forehead with his thumbs, he made him his avatar. As Rylann was one of the strongest Demon of Baleen Tha Jun (The Old City), this meant Samuel became amazingly strong, later capable to match power-houses such as Mammoth and Silverstar. He also became nearly invincible, with skin that couldn’t be even scratched by the greatest weapons. He was also unable to die, being immortal. He became the crimelord of the gang Dark Fists, and his amazingly immoral acts earned him the name of ‘Sinister Sam’. He created the Crest after being annoyed by the Guardians and other heroes one time too much.