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It was now 5pm and Mr. Satan was sitting in the warehouse waiting for Lucy to arrive. He called her from a payphone after the cafe incident and to her to get her ass to the hideout as fast as she could. She then asked if she could bring her costume with her and show him what she had come up with. Knowing even if he had said no she would have brought it, he decided to agree to her bringing it. He stuck his hand in his pocket and looked at the item he had taken from a street punk who confronted Mr.Satan on the way to the warehouse. It was the new drug that was in great supply in his city. The drug increased the bodies performance for a short period of time allowing it to be stronger and faster than it usually was, while still giving the user an energized feeling that made it very addictive. The street name for the drug was Jack. Mr.Satan wasn’t sure if it was because it, quote “Jacked you up” or the creators ego that christianed it the name Jack. The punk was clearly underage and looking for a fight to test the merchandise he had. Unlucky for him that he didn’t get the chance to use it as he was on the ground before he had taken the drug. Another interesting thing about the drug was how it was used. Jack is, what the authorities have christained, a universal drug. This meant that the drug could be taken in its pill form, crushed down and smoked or snorted,and melted down and injected into your bloodstream(if done incorrectly it could result in death). This drug was one of the three problems Mr.Satan had to fix about this city, the other’s being crime and of course Mr.Abelle. There was something about Mr.Abelle that made Mr.Satan incredibly nervous. He had to be taken care of before he had the chance to hurt someone else. His train of thought was quickly derailed as an excited Lucy flung the doors open to see that of the relaxing Mr. Satan.
“Hey Boss!” her shout resembling that of a school girl, but quickly restrained her emotions and returned to her adult composer.
“So wanna see my outfit?” She said coming closer and closer to her boss.
“Do I have to?” Mr.Satan said unimpressed with Lucy’s eagerness to get out into the dangerous city.
“No…But I want you to” Lucy said smiling in an impish manner as she started to take off her clothes.
“How do you know this isn’t the other side of Me? How do you know that this is Mr.Satan?” The masked man said as he watched Lucy’s performance.
“Oh you are more confident than the other side of you. If you were him you wouldn’t be as calm seeing me naked as you are now.” Lucy said as she took off the same leather pants he saw her wearing earlier today.
“I suppose that’s right.” Mr.Satan said as Lucy walked closer to him.
“So when we heading out Boss?” Lucy said as she tried to seduce Mr.Satan before she noticed the pills in his hand.
“We leave at 9pm. Then head to the subway in the slums.” Mr.Satan said looking at the near naked woman before him.
“Those drugs have something to do with that? Or…” Lucy said, her voice now becoming less confident and more nervous.
“Are those to make you…You?” Lucy asked now wondering if her boss was in fact some crazy drug addict.
“They are part of why we are going to the slums. I got a friend who…knows things.” Mr.Satan said as he looked at Lucy who seemed relived.
Lucy kissed Mr.Satan and started to get dressed. She pulled up some tight black pants and tightened a belt around her waist. Watching her assemble her outfit, Mr.Satan wondered if this was a good idea to bring her with him. He was sure she could handle herself in a fight, but meeting the man who called himself Nostradamus (or Damus for short) was an entirely different situation. Meeting him would neither be a pleasant situation, nor would it be a difficult one. It would just be an unsettling meeting.
Lucy took a baton and placed it in a holder on the belt, which also held a taser and smiled at her boss.
“If I tased you…Would you feel it?” Lucy asked in a cheeky manner.
“I wont feel the pain as bad as D…as my other side would but I would be incapacitated as he would be. Just as if I’m shot, it would hurt just not as much as it would hurt you. But otherwise, if I am just fist fighting against a guy with a knife or a metal pipe I wont feel it.” Mr.Satan said as a thought came to mind.
His ability to ignore pain was of course accurate, so how was he beaten by Mr.Abelle ? Once again his train of thought was interrupted by the young woman who had developed feelings for him jumping on his lap.
“Wanna see my mask boss?” She said smiling rubbing her body against his.
“Do whatever you like. Just get off of me.”Mr.Satan said coldly and starting to show his irritation in his voice.
“Comon. Don’t be a party pooper..We have hours before we have to go to meet your friend.” Lucy said leaning closer to Mr.Satan for another kiss.
He stood up while she was on him dropping her to the ground and walking towards the laptop they had set up some days before. Lucy got up from the ground angry and wanting to know why did she have to be thrown on the ground.
“What was that for asshole?!” She said not having her loving tone anymore but now having the same tone she had with Dudley.
“This isn’t some game Lucy. This isn’t some Hollywood love story..” Mr. Satan explained before being cut off by Lucy.
“I know that!” Lucy responded as she came over to Mr. Satan.
“Okay. But I don’t think you understand…” Mr. Satan said as her arms wrapped around his waist in an attempt to make peace.
“Help me.” Lucy said in a light tone.
“I intend to.” Mr. Satan said breaking the belt her arms had made around his waist.
“Put on that mask and lets see what ya got.” Mr. Satan said as he walked to the Free space in the middle of the building.

After hours of Training Mr. Satan and Lucy set out in the night to the Subway Station in the slums. They moved between the alleyways and rooftops so as not to be seen by anyone who would report them. That was all Mr. Satan needed, someone getting a picture of him and selling it to the papers. Lucy had to stop now and then to catch her breath. They had to move quickly and quietly, two things that Lucy was not yet used to. They sat on a rooftop that was not too far from the stairway that led to the station and their destination. Lucy watched as Mr. Satan stood close to the edge looking down at the people below. There were drug dealers, pimps, whores and bums all living their lives, going about their daily routine that was ruining their lives. Of course Mr. Satan could go down there. He could beat up that pimp on the street corner about to beat his “girl” for cutting him short on payment, or he could stop that drug dealer from selling to that addict depriving him of another life ruining hit of his addiction. But what would that accomplish? He takes down the pimp and another pimp comes along, takes his girl and treats her just as bad if not worse. Same goes for the drug dealer. If he stopped the dealer the client would find a new dealer and keep up his habit. It was an endless cycle of pain and sin that had dug its nails in so deep it was here to stay. This was something Mr. Satan explained to Lucy on that rooftop that night. Evil and pain could never be stopped entirely. It wasn’t something that could be stopped by one being, be it supernatural or mortal.Evil was eternal. However, certain evil can be contained or stopped in order to keep the human race from being entirely engulfed by its own evil. It was cliched ,but there could not be good without evil and evil without good. Lucy looked at the man she cared deeply for and thought about what he had just said. They stepped out onto the streets as they approached the stairway, the thought of what he had said echoing in her mind when suddenly he stopped.
“We have some company…” Mr. Satan said as a gang of thugs stepped out of the alleyway.
“Three of them. You better be ready.” Mr. Satan said as his tone changed from calm and intelligent to aggressive and judgmental.
The men circled the masked couple smiling and mocking the two of them. Mr. Satan just stood and took it as they mocked him and Lucy.
“Hey baby. Why don’t ya dump the freak and come have some fun with some real men.” One goon said.
“Well when some show up maybe I’ll consider it.” Lucy said as she moved closer to Mr.Satan.
“Funny girl. Let’s see if your boyfriend can protect ya with a bunch of holes in his body.” the large one said as he lunged at Mr. Satan with a knife.
With a quick movement Mr.Satan grabbed the attackers wrist and swept his leg causing the large man to fall to the ground. As one of the other men advanced on Mr.Satan, Lucy took out her baton and smacked him the face with it. The third attacker ran towards Lucy, but was unfortunate enough to get in the line of fire of Lucy’s taser. Shouting from the pain and wiggling on the ground, he was out of the fight for the time being. Lucy wanted to think of something clever to say now, but was interrupted by the goon who got a face full of baton just a moment ago.Unlike Lucy, Mr.Satan was having no trouble with his opponent. As the large man slashed at the masked man, Mr.Satan started to talk as he fought back. Mr. Satan punched him in the face and knocked him back a little.
“You just gonna stand there and bleed or are you actually gonna hit me?” Mr.Satan asked mocking his attacker.
“Stay still you son of a Bitch!” The attacker shouted as he rushed towards Mr.Satan.
“Wow..Either all your past fights have been with idiots..” Mr.Satan said as he punched the attacker in the stomach.
“…Who didn’t know how to dodge or you really suck at this” Mr.Satan said as he spun his body around lowering his torso and lifting his leg connected with the kick.
Seeing his friends beaten to a pulp by these two and after having been attacked by a baton he decided it was time to run away. As he ran away, Lucy looked at her boss who was standing over a huge unconscious man. She felt something that she had not felt since her old days in the gang. Beating the crap out of men and watching them run from her was both exciting and satisfying. She walked over to her tag team partner and smiled down at the man that Mr.Satan had beaten senseless.
“Let’s go catch our train.” Mr. Satan said as he walked towards the stairs.

The vigilante and his assistant stood on the dimly lit station platform in complete silence. Lucy watched Mr.Satan as they stood in almost complete darkness. Mr.Satan stood there as if he was waiting for something to happen. The atmosphere was getting uncomfortable as neither of them had spoken since they arrived downstairs,Mr.Satan just stared blankly at the poster across the tracks. Lucy opened her mouth but was interrupted by Mr.Satan shushing her like she was a child. Suddenly the sound of an approaching train came thundering down the empty tunnel, echoing around the two of them as the old steel train stopped in front of them. The doors opened to reveal two women half naked laying on the old chairs.
“Let’s go” Mr.Satan said as he stepped into the train Lucy slowly following him.
Mr. Satan had been here one too many times when he needed Damus’ help. Nostradamus is someone who you didn’t have to like to be friends with and you most certainly did not have to like his lifestyle to associate with him. He was a lot of things that made him unpleasant, but he was well connected with the underworld and loyal to his friends. These qualities were good to have in an ally and Mr. Satan understood this.
The train was filthy and filled with members of Nostradamus’ inner circle. Smoke filled the air and people were in the middle of drug fueled passions with each other. At the end of the hallway sat a man in his early fourthy’s, who dressed as if he was in his early twenty’s and had his hair done by a movie crew. His shirt was opened revealing a toned stomach with a tattoo quoting that of Plato. He wore sunglasses and looked directly at the two masked individuals.
“Well well well, look who has graced me with his presence.” He smiled as he looked at Mr. Satan and then at Lucy.
“And it looks like you brought me a present.” He said as he knew Mr. Satan wouldnt like this.
“Nostradamus…Meet my new partner.” Mr.Satan said as he looked at Nostradamus.
“Lady Lylett…’Nice’ to meet ya” Lucy said sarcastically.
“Well Lady me an you got something in common besides Big red here.” Nostradamus said.
“I got nothing in common with you dirtbag.” Lucy said looking at the silent Mr.Satan.
“Oh yes ya do girly…This is the first time I ever heard that ‘Big Red’ had other friends than just me. See me and you, …” he stalled to remove his glasses to reveal his scared eye that ruined his handsome face.
“We dont know when to get off the ride” He said smiling at the two heros.