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(Sorry for the late update but due to college exams and essays I am held up creatively. I hope to update the stories on a more regular basis as I did before when my semester is over)

Dudley woke up the next morning to the sound of 80’s pop music being played over his radio. His body was still in pieces over the combination of a bullet wound and the beating his brother Richard gave him last night. Slowly Dudley got out of bed and put on his clothe’s. He knew what would be waiting for him the second he left the room. He was going to walk downstairs and be greeted with angry parents who wanted to know what had gotten into him and how they could help. The first time in month’s they would actually give him the time of day would be now,after he had made a mess of Richard’s face and stood up for himself. The thought of being questioned about his behavior and why he did what he did made his blood boil. Why did Dudley hit the man that was insulting him? Oh because he felt like it. Dudley was the Black sheep not because of his actions but because he didnt make the family look as good as his siblings did, and this was something he knew all his life. Letting out a sigh Dudley closed his eyes and walked out of his room towards what he could assume was going to be a long ass day.

Lucy sat down across the table from Sharky as they enjoyed their coffee and discussed old time’s. The coffee was bitter and the atmosphere was full of idiots talking like they had experienced the world’s glory at least three time’s. Lucky for Lucy she was with one of the craziest women she had ever met in her life. Sharky had been arrested more times than most other people had in a lifetime and had gotten away with it because her brother was some kind of Judge and father was a cop.
“So Loose Lucy is a now Nurse Mayberry. Who would have guessed you, of all people would be a nurse?” Sharky said with a smile taking a drag of her lit cigarette.
“Says the kindergarten teacher.” Lucy said with a smile across her face.
“Touche. Ever miss the old days?” Sharky said finishing off her cigarette.
“What do you mean?” Lucy said looking confused
“The Wild bunch” Sharky said as she looked across the cafe.
“Sometimes. What are you looking at?” Lucy asked looking at Sharky.
“Is that Dudley Bradshaw over there?”Sharky asked as Lucy turned around in the direction Sharky was staring.
She was right. Across the small cafe was the infamous Dudley Bradshaw drinking a coffee. The question why he was in this side of town alone was what interested Lucy at this moment, but Sharky was wondering if she was capable of getting inside his pants. Lucy never saw the appeal in Dudley Bradshaw to women. He was trouble and obviously had some issues that needed to be resolved. Was there some kind of switch in the minds of women that make them go after bad guys? Then again she had no right to judge. She was in love with a vigilante who called himself Mr. Satan. When did her life become a comic book?
“Lets go over and talk to him” Sharky said finishing her coffee.
“What makes you think he wants to talk to us?” Lucy said starting to get sick of this topic.
“For one he has been looking over here since he sat down.” Sharky said to Lucy with a smirk on her face.
Hearing this Lucy looked behind her and saw that Dudley Bradshaw was indeed looking at them.

Dudley began to get nervous as the woman he had woken up next to not twenty four hours prior to this moment was now walking towards him with a woman who looked like she would be more at home around leather and chains. His stomach grew tight as his mind tormented him with the reasons she could be coming over for. This happened because he wanted to cut out of his usual routine and for some reason come to this side of this damn town. Sweat was pumping out of him from his armpits as they got closer and closer to his table. It was too late to run away now. If he got up and left now they would know he was up to something, after all he just spent the last ten minutes staring at them. His breathing quickened and suddenly his path of thought was broken by one of them speaking.
“Hey your Dudley Bradshaw right?” The strange one said as the familiar one stood behind her looking annoyed.
“Yes I am..And you two are?” Dudley asked faking a smile as he looked at the two women.
“Oh I’m Sally,friends call me Sharky…” She said with a wink and pause as if giving Dudley the opportunity to absorb her name and face before finishing her sentence.
“AndthisisLucy” Sharky said rather quickly.
“Would you two like to join me?” Dudley said not expecting them to actually stay in his company.
“Oh we would love to! Wouldn’t we Lucy?” Sharky said giving Lucy no chance to object.
The both sat down and so began what Dudley believed was to be the most awkward coffee he had ever had in his life.

Mr. Satan suddenly gained control of Dudley. Why, he didn’t know. What he did know was he was wearing something incredibly uncomfortable and was having what he assumed was lunch with Lucy and a stranger. This wasnt good. Mr. Satan would have to act as if he was Dudley.
“So The Devil man?..What do you guys think of think of him?” The stranger said.
“Sharky I don’t know if that the kind of topic Mr. Bradshaw wants to discuss.” Lucy said revealing the strangers name to be Sharky.
“I don’t know about that Lucy” Mr. Satan said hoping her name was already mentioned.
“What?”Lucy said in a scoff.
“You have an opinion about the vigilante?” Lucy said in a tone that challenged Mr.Satan’s statement.
“Yes I do.And I would appreciate you keeping your opinion of me to yourself Lucy.” Mr.Satan said smiling taking great pleasure in being a stronger more confident Dudley
This statement brought silence to the table. While Sharky felt herself become more attracted to Dudley, Lucy was feeling like she was just insulted by someone she had very little respect for.
“Okay Mr. Tough Guy what do you think of the Devil man? Let me guess. He’s a criminal or no better than that of the men he takes down?” Lucy said with a wicked smile across her face.
“Actually I think the polar opposite.” Mr. Satan said looking at Lucy.
“Really? I’m actually surprised at that Mr. Bradshaw.” Sharky said as she smiled at the confident rich man.
“So what do you think of him ?” Lucy asked still not convinced of Mr. Satan’s words.
“I think he has the right Idea. God knows this city has gone to hell and I think it was rather clever of someone seeing this and coming up with a Devil persona. Of course he has to be some kind of Madman with a hell of a death wish to do it.” Mr.Satan said as he began to fake laughing.
With that said Lucy got up from her chair and stormed off out of the cafe. Sharky looking concerned followed her and left Mr. Satan alone in the cafe to his own thoughts and questions.