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Dudley woke up on a strange bed, his arm wrapped around a naked woman. It was dark outside.
“I must have slept all day” Dudley thought to himself as he pulled the woman closer to him.
It was clear now that they were both naked and that his lovely Cassandra had slept by his side for the full day. He knew under her cold exterior was a puppy who just wanted to be loved. He looked over her body and smiled. He could even say her back was an attractive quality about her. As he thought to himself Dudley raised his hand to scratch his face when an interesting thought came to mind:
“I wonder where she got that tattoo…” Dudley suddenly came to a realisation.
Not only was Cassandra’s body free of any form of piercing or ink but she wouldn’t have cut her hair in the last six or seven hours. Cassandra wasn’t that impulsive. Then as he touched his face he realised that he was wearing Mr. Satan’s mask on his face and the woman next to him was probably “THAT” woman who assists Mr. Satan. His panic induced thoughts where put aside as he heard a voice from next to him.
“Hey Boss” The woman sat up smiling at Dudley, her purple hair covering her right eye and the sheets just about covering her body.
“Um…Hey” Dudley said rising from the make shift bed as fast as he could.
“Whoa you in a rush or something?” Lucy asked looking at the man she had just shared a blanket with
“..No?” Not knowing what to say to her Dudley decided to keep his answers short.
“So can I ask you a question?” Lucy asked wondering what was wrong with his voice.
“I don’t think I have the time for…” Before he could answer she interrupted
“You’re the other guy aren’t you?” Lucy said. Her sweet voice from before, now one mimicking that of a school teacher disciplining a student.
“Yeah…I am” Dudley said in some form of relief that he wouldn’t have to act like that brute.
She stood up, wrapping the sheet around her body and walked over to her cloths without saying anything. Dudley watched her as she started picking up her own cloths off the ground.
“Want something?” Lucy said in a cold and angry tone.
“Um…”Dudley responded intimidated by this woman and feeling guilty for what he had done with her behind Cassandra’s back.
“Where are my clothes?” Dudley asked as if he had done something extremely shameful.
“Over there” She said as she pointed towards what Dudley was wearing earlier today. It was now on the ground of some warehouse and getting dirty.
“I wouldn’t be to reckless if I were you. My boss was shot earlier today so you might want to be careful who you take your shirt off to for a while” She said as she dropped the bed sheet and pulled up her pants.
“HE GOT ME SHOT!!” Dudley started to panic as he only now noticed the scar on his stomach.
“What did I do to deserve this!?” Dudley said as he stared at the scar.
“Well in my experience guys don’t like it when you see their girlfriends naked…” She said with an evil smile on her face as she zipped up her leather jacket.
“Is that supposed to be funny?” Dudley snapped at the leather wearing woman.
“I think it’s funny” She said as she walked towards the door.
“How can you love someone who’s wearing a mask all the time? What if I was grotesquely ugly?” Dudley shouted towards Lucy.
Stopping before the door she turned back to face Dudley.
“Know what Love means?” Lucy said looking towards Dudley
“It means never having to say your ugly.” With that said Lucy left the building and Dudley alone in the dark.
Dudley took off the mask and quickly got dressed. He needed to be home as soon as he could before his family noticed he was missing.

Dudley arrived back at the house feeling like he was about to collapse. He paid the driver and walked up the steps of his house hoping that none was going to be waiting for him on the other side of the front door. He opened the door and found that today was just not his day. There inside the house he saw his family standing still staring at him.
“Where in the Hell have you been!?!” His mother shouted.
“Do you realise what you have put us through? This family does not need any more of your antics Dudley!” His father yelled.
“What do you expect?” Richard said walking over to Dudley.
Dudley felt that there was more to come from this statement and none of it would be good.
“Dudley is a lost cause. We shouldn’t expect too much from him. After all mom and dad you can’t have five perfect children. There was bound to be one or two children that would be a disappointment.” Richard’s words infuriated Dudley.
“Shut up Richard!” Dudley shouted as his whole family turned to stare at him.
“Excuse me? Dudley please I’m not in the mood for the tough guy act.” Richard said as Dudley clinched his fists.
“Who’s acting?” Dudley said as he walked towards the stairs.
“Dudley where do you think you’re going!?” His mother shouted.
“I’m going to my room. I’ve had a long day!” Dudley said as he stared at his family.
“Let him mother he has the manners of a goat and smells like a sewer.” Richard said as he walked towards his mother.
“Say that again…” Dudley said looking towards his brother.
“Sewer…..Goat…” Richard said slowly in a condescending manner.
With that said Dudley punched Richard in the nose. The crack could be heard by everyone in the room and Richard fell back onto the ground. A broken nose matching his black eye.
“YOU BROKE MY NOSE!” Richard shouted as he held his nose and the family stared at Dudley.
Dudley was shocked at his actions. Did he really just stand up to his brother? Was this real? Dudley looked at his family and walked off up the stairs towards his bedroom.

Dudley knew he would be getting a visit by someone soon. Who it was, he didn’t know. Richard could be coming up to take his revenge on Dudley or maybe it was his parents to tell him he would be put into a mental institution. Whoever it was he was ready for it.
The door swung open and his brother stormed in. Blood ran down his nostrils and rage filled his eyes. He wasn’t the handsome figure he usually was; now he had taken the form of something like a rabid wolverine that wanted blood. Without saying a word he punched Dudley in the stomach. The bullet wound combined with the force of his brother’s punch sent Dudley to the ground. His brother started kicking him in the ribs over and over again. Dudley hoped it would be over soon as pain infected his body.
His parents burst through the door and pulled his brother away from Dudley. They left Dudley on the ground bruised and in pain.
The only one who had not left with the family was his youngest brother. One of the twins. It was strange to see his little brother on his own and not beside his sister.
“Was it worth it?” He asked a calm manner.
“What?” Dudley struggled to speak.
“Was hitting Richard worth all the backfire that’s coming?” He asked Dudley in the same manner.
“Yes…Yes it was” Dudley then coughed as he got up from the ground and watched his brother leave.
Dudley questioned his answer to his brother’s question. “Was it worth it”? Dudley had mixed feelings towards this question. He was proud that he hit the smug face of his brother, but was worried in case it wasn’t him but Mr. Satan controlling the fist.
He needed to talk to Mr. Satan, but now was not a good time to do it. He would wait until later on in the night before he would converse with the demon.

Lucy came home semi-satisfied with her day. Not only did she find out that he was alive, but she was now going to be on patrol with Mr. Satan and that meant she could keep a closer eye on him. She now felt like Mr. Satan trusted her and for now that was all she needed. She took off her jacket and jumped on her bed. She felt a little nervous about it, but she was far more excited at the thought of them working together. She felt like a school girl who just found out the boy she likes likes her too. Just as she relaxed on to her bed her phone rang.
“Hey Lucy guess who?” the female voice over the phone said.
“Sharky! How ya doing?” Lucy said to the woman on the phone.
“I’m fine. I’m in town for a job and wanted to know if you were free for a coffee?” Sharky asked Lucy.
“Is this a normal coffee or a Sharky coffee?” Lucy asked smiling at the thought of meeting her old friend.
“Wait and see…” Sharky said in her usually impish manner.

In pain, Dudley stepped down the stairs into the basement at three in the morning. He needed to talk to Mr. Satan and ask what the hell happened today. He looked into the black framed mirror and saw his cracked reflection.
“Is he there?” Dudley wondered as the reflection mimicked his every move.
Dudley leaned in closer to the mirror and nothing changed.
“Are you there?” Dudley asked the mirror.
“I know your there, Damn it! Answer me!” Dudley ordered his reflection.
Feeling defeated he turned his back to the mirror and started walking towards the stairs.
“Would you shut the hell up? I’m trying to sleep!” The voice said to Dudley
Dudley turned around and smiled to see Mr. Satan. His smile quickly turned to a frown as the reason why he was here came to him.
“What happened today? Why was I shot? I swear if you were showing off…” Dudley said but was quickly interrupted by Mr. Satan.
“Not this crap…”Mr. Satan said as he looked behind Dudley.
“Why the hell not! Why aren’t you more careful?” Dudley barked at Mr. Satan.
“I do what I got to do to keep the wicked restless, Princess. And I’m sick of you always bitching to me.” Mr. Satan said to Dudley in an angry manner.
“What the hell does that mean?!’Keep the wicked Restless’? Why can’t you just leave the bad guys to the cops?!” Dudley asked in an aggressive manner.
“Cops don’t always get there on time or get the job done. You know that, don’t you Dudley?” Mr. Satan said to the now response less Dudley.
“By the way…You gave your brother a nice right hook. Felt good didn’t it?” Mr. Satan said smiling.
“…yes.”Dudley said quietly in shame.
“I bet it did. Look…Rest and we can talk in the morning ok?” Mr. Satan said as he turned his back to Dudley.
Dudley looked at his fist and left the basement. Not willing to admit that maybe he liked having Mr. Satan around.