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Lucy came out from the bathroom, rubbing her red eyes trying to hide the fact she was crying. She sat down at her desk and returned to her work. This would be a perfect time to leave and call a sick day but she needed to work so she could pay her rent. She felt like her world was falling to pieces around her. What if Mr. Satan was on the ground in a gutter somewhere bleeding to death or dead? She felt another wave of tears coming forming in her eyes. If he was dead she would never know who he was and if he felt the same way about her as she felt about him. All of a sudden a handsome man stepped up to the desk. He was wearing an expensive looking black coal suit and a red tie. His hair was a bright blonde and slicked back and his facial hair was well kept and obviously trimmed expertly. Lucy felt her heart race a little as he looked at her with great interest.
“Hello may I ask you a question?” He said leaning over her desk smiling at her.
“Of…Of course.” Lucy said feeling her face blush a little.
“Excellent. I am looking for a Mr. Jones. He was admitted today with a gunshot wound and I wanted to see if he was in good health.” The mystery man said in a calm manner.
“And who are you?” Lucy said feeling a strange mix of attraction and fear towards this man.
“Oh where are my Manners. I’m Mr. Ballee. A close friend of Mr. Jones.” The man said smiling towards Lucy.
“Ok. Well he is in room 33A on the second floor.” Lucy said trying not to make eye contact with the man.
“You have my gratitude Nurse….” He trailed off as he looked at Lucy’s name tag.
“Mayberry… What a beautiful name” he finished as he walked away.
Lucy was left blushing uncontrollably. She looked towards the man and saw something strange. The man was walking with a cane of some kind, but it didn’t look like he needed it as he lifted the cane up at certain points as he walked.

Mr. Abelle was unsure of what had happened after he left the cafe. He was sure that Mr. Jones would have bled to death by the time the authorities had arrived. Then again he was also responsible for some of the blame; after all he could have finished it then and there in the cafe. But then he wouldn’t have met that fine specimen Mr. Satan. It was a shame that they could not see eye to eye, but in the end Mr. Abelle proved that the masked Demon was nothing but a fool in a mask. Mr. Abelle liked hospitals as he felt that this was where life was at this limits. People were being cured of sickness here, but people were also dyeing here. People are so afraid of the uncertainty of death that when in a hospital they often fear for the worse. Of course when they are healed and sent home they won’t change. All the faith or promises to live a better life are never truly kept. Stepping into the elevator he waited as the small room lifted him up to the second floor. Mr. Abelle walked towards the private room and noticed that there was a police officer standing in front of the doorway.
“Hello officer” Mr. Abelle said in a pleased manner.
“Hello. Mind if I ask what your business is here sir?”The officer asked looking at Mr. Abelle.
“Oh I am an old friend of Mr. Jones and thought I would visit him. You know make sure he’s all right.” Mr. Abelle said putting on a fake tone of concern into his voice.
“Sir I am sorry but I have to make sure that only doctors and family go into his room” The officer said as he yawned.
“I understand but as his friend I really want to put my fears at rest. I’m sure you have a friend that you would be concerned for if this situation happened to him.” Mr. Abelle said looking at the officer.
“I can’t let anyone in sir” The officer said starting to get aggressive.
“Officer pleases. I am a man that needs a cane to walk due to my leg. What harm could I do to my dear friend?” Mr. Abelle lied as he knew that one of the canes multi purposes was to make people feel at ease around him. That was always a mistake.
“Tell ya what…Im tired and want to go get a coffee. Go in and leave by the time I get back. Deal?” The officer said in exhaustion.
“Officer you have my word. I won’t be long.” Mr. Abelle said smiling.
As the officer walked away Mr. Abelle entered the room and saw the sleeping Mr. Jones. Pulling out the needle he injected Mr. Jones with the liquid as Mr. Jones woke up.
“Hello Mr. Jones. I’m sure you remember me. And there lies the problem.” Mr. Abelle said as he sat down.
Mr. Jones opened his mouth but no sound escaped his lips.
“You see I have just injected you with a slow acting poison. It starts by burning your voice box so you can’t speak and within in the next 24 hours your organs will shut down and you will seem to have died of strange causes.” Mr. Abelle said with a smile on his face.
“See I can’t let anyone know my name or face. It’s bad for business. You understand being a businessman yourself.” Mr. Abelle said as he stood up from the chair and walked towards the door.
“As much as I would love to stay and chat I have to leave. So long Mr. Jones.” Mr. Abelle said as he walked out the door and towards the elevator.
He walked into the elevator that was currently occupied by two other people. Mr. Abelle choose to ignore them. Until something was said that caught his interest.
“Did you hear there was a third person at the cafe scene?” The first person said
“Really but we only found two? One corpse and the guy in room 33A” The second person said.
“Yeah but…get this… the devil man was apparently there and he was wounded” The first one said.
“So there’s another guy wounded walking around the city? That guy must be insane” The second one said.
Mr. Abelle had a strange rush of emotions. He felt angry that there was a survivor, amazed that it was Mr. Satan, and excited for their next encounter. Of course he was wounded and wondering around the town so if he may not even survive long enough to meet Mr. Abelle again.

Lucy walked towards the warehouse with the slim hope that maybe he was there waiting for her. If he wasn’t, that means he was dead somewhere. Walking inside she saw someone lying down on the table with his shirt off. He seemed wounded but was attempting to fix his own wounds. Lucy approached him cautiously.
“B…Boss? Is that you?” Lucy asked with a mix of fear and curiosity.
“Lucy?” The man asked
“IT IS YOU! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!” She shouted in excitement and anger.
“I’m fixing myself up!” He said in anger and pain.
“Let me do it you damn idiot!” She said as she started operating on her boss.

Mr. Satan wasn’t thinking straight when he got back to the warehouse. All his thoughts cantered around his encounter with Mr. Abelle. The man overpowered and almost killed Mr. Satan if it wasn’t for Mr. Abelle’s lousy aim Mr. Satan and Dudley Bradshaw would be just another dead guy in this city. It wasn’t over. Mr. Satan needed to be more careful from now on. He grunted as Lucy finished cleaning the wound and he realised that maybe he could use her help more.
“Lucy…” Mr. Satan said weakly.
“Yeah boss?” Lucy said sounding concerned.
“Get that outfit you have been working on ready…” Mr. Satan said as he got up off the table.
“..Really boss?” Lucy said
“Yeah I’m going to need some help for the time being till I get fixed up and who better than you?” Mr. Satan said as he looked at Lucy.
Lucy suddenly kissed Mr. Satan out of nowhere and wrapped her arms around him
“Thanks boss…” She said then suddenly slapped him.
“Never scare me like that again!”She said as she walked towards the door.