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Mr. Satan watched as the suspicious car drove down the street, he was closely following them from the rooftops. They wouldn’t be speeding as it would only bring attention to the car; this wasn’t a robbery or a hit they were driving to or from. If it was a hit they wouldn’t be driving such a nice car in this neighbourhood, and if it was a robbery there would most certainly be police sirens following them. They stopped in front of a cafe and went inside. Mr. Satan had positioned himself on the building next door so he could keep an eye on them. They certainly didn’t look like they were there for coffee. Mr. Satan jumped on the fire escape of the building he was on and quietly climbed down it. This was why MR. Satan hated doing patrol during the day. It was six o clock and Dudley would be bitching about how Mr. Satan had no right taking up all of his day and putting him at risk. Distracted by this thought Mr. Satan accidently forced the ladder to release and slide down to the ground causing a thunderous noise. Realising he hadn’t much time he leapt into the nearest dumpster to hide from the approaching goons. He had to find out what they were doing first before he could attempt to take them down.
“The hell was that?” The big one said looking around.
“It was just the damn ladder release. A bird or something must have released it.” The small one said.
“Man with all this Devil man talk, I’m kinda on edge.” The big guy said still paranoid.
“Can we get back to work?” The small impatient one said walking back towards the back door.
The big one slowly followed his partner as they went back into the shop. Mr. Satan waited a little before he climbed out of the dumpster slowly and quietly. Sneaking up to the window Mr. Satan peeked inside to see what they were doing. In the room beyond the window was a suitcase full of money and three well dressed men with the owner. Mr. Satan assumed that this was one of two things; it was either drug deal or protection money. Lucy suddenly sprang to his mind. She was very emotional today. What was wrong with her? Suddenly his wave of thought was broken by a gunshot. The owner had been shot and it was time to move. Stepping back he ran towards the door and busted it open. It was too late by the time he thought that maybe this point of entry was more dangerous than an ulterior.
“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!?!” The big guy said as he pulled out his gun.
Mr. Satan was only happy that he was still on his feet and not on the ground. Next time he would think before he acted, if there was a next time.
“I am the devil and I’m here to do the Devils work. Answer your question?” Mr. Satan said walking slowly closer to them. Maybe if he scared them enough he could catch them off guard.
“No way…You’re supposed to be some kind of myth!” The big guy said intimidated.
“Shut up Sonny it’s just a guy in a mask! Don’t let him scare ya!” The little guy said.
Suddenly the third man raised his hand and the other two froze in motion.
“So your Devil man? It’s a pleasure to meet you.” The apparent authority figure said as he grabbed his cane and rose from his seat.
He wasn’t a cripple that was for sure. The cane was more for symbolic purposes, perhaps to make him look more important. Of course this meant nothing to Mr. Satan, except maybe just another object to beat him and his goons with.
“It’s Mr. Satan actually.” Mr. Satan said suspicious of the cane holding man.
“My name is Mr. Abelle.” Mr. Abelle said as he stepped forward a little.
“Mr. Abelle I don’t think…”The small ones sentence was instantly silenced as Mr. Abelle pulled out a gun and put a bullet between his eyes.
The big guy looked in shock and fear as his partner hit the ground. Mr. Abelle not showing any remorse for his actions cleaned some blood off of his shirt and returned his attention to Mr. Satan.
“I hate being interrupted don’t you?” Mr. Abelle said putting his gun away.
“Now Mr. Jones over there is bleeding and in shock the best you could do is wait till we leave and call an ambulance. We can all leave here as pals and none has to die.” Mr. Abelle said confident that Mr. Satan would just let him go.
“Let me make this clear Mr. Abelle. I am not gonna let you walk out of here without putting up some kind of fight.” Mr. Satan said waiting for the first move to be made.
The big guy suddenly rushed towards Mr. Satan and quickly Mr. Satan grabbed his arm flipping him over Mr. Satan as if he was a pillow. Sonny landed on a table that broke in half on impact with his huge body. He wasn’t going anywhere for the time being.
“As much as I love getting my hands dirty, Id much prefer if you stopped all this idiotic behaviour.” Mr. Abelle said.
“First of all don’t get so cocky about taking me on…”Mr. Satan said as he walked over to Sonny.
Stepping on the back of Sonny’s arm Mr. Satan pulled it back snapping the bone. Sonny let out a horrifying scream and started crying.
“Second, there are only two types of people in this world…My kind and assholes. Guess which one you fall under?” Mr. Satan said when suddenly Mr. Abelle dashed over to him and kneed him in the stomach.
Caught off guard Mr. Satan attempted to uppercut the fast man but was met with an elbow to his back and was taken down. Mr. Satan hit the ground, but Mr. Abelle was not finished with his fun yet. The cane came down hard onto the back of Mr. Satan and continued over and over. Mr. Satan couldn’t feel the pain but he did find it difficult to breathe at this point. Suddenly he was kicked in the stomach and rolled over onto his back. Standing over him Mr. Abelle was smiling as Sonny stood at the door, waiting snuffling and wiping his tears. Mr. Abelle pulled out his gun, a pack of matches and a cigar. Rolling up Mr. Satan’s mask he put the cigar in Mr. Satan’s mouth. Striking one of the matches he lit the cigar and put the matches into Mr. Satan’s pocket.
“I can’t say I enjoyed that. But if you wanted to be a witness…well you witnessed something all right.” Mr. Abelle said as he pulled out his gun.
“Aren’t you gonna pull the mask off? See who it is?” Sonny asked in a whimpering tone
“Why? Knowing who he really is might be disappointing. I’d rather if we just left it to our imagination.” Mr. Abelle said as he looked down at Mr. Satan.
“Send Hell my regards.” Mr. Abelle said as he fired his pistol into Mr. Satan.

Lucy sat at her desk reading over some of the patient charts. She was still incredibly pissed off at Mr. Satan’s attitude towards her. There would be no “talk later”, only him coming back to her looking for medical attention. Why did she do this to herself she often wondered. He is a self destructive vigilante that wants nothing more than to save a burning city. But maybe that was why she was so attracted to him. Just as she started to feel a little better for about all this, Dr. Patterson walked over and tried for the hundredth time to get a date with Lucy.
“Hey there nurse Mayberry. You seem like you need some company. How’s coffee sound?” He said in his cocky tone.
“Sure if you buy it, bring it to me, and then drink your own on the other side of the hospital I might consider about giving it some thought.” Lucy said coldly
“You don’t like me do you Lucy?” Dr. Patterson said still confident in his abilities.
“Honestly? I think…No I’m sure… that you are the most unattractive man I have ever met in my entire life. In the short time I’ve known you, you have demonstrated ever possible loathsome characteristic that a male personality could express and have even brought some new ones to my attention. You are physically repulsive, intellectually retarded, your morally reprehensible, insensitive, stupid, vulgar, selfish, you have no taste, a lousy sense of humour, and you smell. You’re not even interesting enough to make me sick. And considering that you’re a doctor it’s amazing you have gotten as far as you have in your chosen career with so many flaws.” Lucy explained angrily to him.
“So you admit it. You do think about me. Even if it’s just the flaws” he said winking at Lucy.
“Was asking me for coffee really all you came over to do?” Lucy said irritated at the doctor’s advances.
“I actually wanted Mr. Hoppers chart, but thought today was my lucky day.” He said smiling as Lucy handed him Mr. Hoppers chart.
Dr. Patterson walked away his confidence not even scratched. Lucy looked down to her feet thinking of how Mr. Satan was some of the things that repulsed her about Dr. Patterson. Just then a terrifying thought came to her. What if Dr. Patterson was Mr. Satan? She vomited into her mouth a little at that thought. She wasn’t much of a religious person, but right now she prayed that Mr. Satan was someone she could actually tolerate. She didn’t care if he was some pencil pusher or even a mailman but she hoped it wasn’t someone like Dr. Patterson or worse. Just as she started to relax the doors swung open and the paramedics ran in with two stretchers.
“Out of the way! We are losing him fast. How’s the other guy doing?!” the male paramedic said.
“He’s still got a bullet in him. We need to get these guys to surgery Right now!!” The female paramedic said.
“This guy was found in his cafe the other guy in an alleyway across the street. He must have seen something he wasn’t suppose to” The male paramedic said.
One of the men raised their hand to the paramedics and opened his mouth.
“Find the devil man and help him…” The man said weakly.
Lucy suddenly started to pay attention to the man’s words and gasps. The other gurney was pulled away to surgery.
“He tried to save me. He is shot. Please find him.” He said as he laid back and died.
Tears started forming in Lucy’s eyes. What if he was dead? She ran to the bathroom and started to cry. She hoped he would be alive and prayed for the second time this day. She did it more passionately this time praying that her love was not dead.