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Dudley sat at the table waiting for his family to enter the room and eat lunch, as they did every day since his sister had died years before. His family was originally made up of seven, his mother and father, the young twins, himself, his older brother and older sister. Being the middle child meant he was often overlooked by his parents resulting in him getting away with a lot of trouble around the house and city. But ten years ago he came home drunk to his parents and siblings crying. He was then told that a former employee of his father’s company had killed Dudley’s sister as a form of revenge towards his father. Dudley never was close to his siblings as they were different to him. He was the black sheep to this family and he knew it. The twins were super genius’, his older brother had a superior mind for business, and his sister was a combination of the three of them. In short she was the perfect one in the eyes of their father and mother. Since then the family had always ate together, went to parties together and kept in contact. In reality this only meant that six people sat around a table eating barley talking to one another. Suddenly the door opened and Dudley’s brother walked in, his perfect face damaged by a black eye.
“Richard…What happened?” Dudley said looking at the aggression in his brother’s expression
“You know damn well Dudley.” Richard said in a calm yet angry tone, his voice usually soothing now intimidating.
“Out of nowhere you come over to me, say the rudest things imaginable, take my Champaign, spit it on the ground and then you punched me in face calling me princess!” Richard said slowly elevating the volume of his voice as his blood began to boil.
Dudley knew Mr. Satan heard this and was laughing to himself right now.
“But…Mother said you were obviously drunk so I should forgive you. Just do not talk to me until this is gone!” Richard said making reference to his black eye.
As Richard sat down Dudley’s mother and the twins walked into the room. The same aura of self worth, they had whenever in the presence of those of less worth. Dudley’s phone began to ring as his mother and siblings sat down. He felt their judgmental glares focusing on him. Feeling ashamed Dudley answered his phone.
“Hello?” Dudley said feeling embarrassed about the situation he was currently in.
“Hello Dudley” the woman over the phone said in the cold way that Dudley came to appreciate
“Oh Cassandra. I’m surprised to hear from you so early. Is it time for our weekly get together?” Dudley said curious at why his future fiancé would call him at this time.
“Yes. I shall meet you at 2pm at the Cafe le Blanc. Do not be late” Cassandra said before she hung up her phone.
“So is it that time again? Where is she bringing you this time?” Dudley’s mother asked as the servants placed their lunches in front of them.
“We are going to Cafe Le Blanc at two o clock.” Dudley said as he put his phone away and began eating his lunch.
“I’m surprised anyone wants to talk to you after last night actions” His mother said as she looked down towards her lunch.
For the remainder of the meal the table was quite. Dudley did not want to know Mr. Satan’s action and wanted it to stay that way. On the other hand he was satisfied someone finally gave Richard the thrashing he had coming.

Lucy sat at her desk daydreaming about her night with the devil. She remembered his strong arms around her, and her lips pushing against his lips through his mask. She didn’t care what he looked like behind it, he was brave ,strong and something about his martyr like personality made her feel safe around him. She knew she was just his ally, someone to patch him up and occasionally warm his bedside. She knew he wasn’t the ideal prince charming that every girl dreams of meeting, but he was a prince among men to her. She was always so nervous whenever he went out on the town. Would it be the last time they ever saw each other? She wanted to help him in more ways than just patching him up. She often asked him if he wanted some company on his patrols, so she could make sure he was safe. But he always says that she would only put herself in danger and while expendable he didn’t want to lose her. It was a sweet yet a cruel thing to say to her, as it meant he cared for her a little bit.
She watched as her fellow nurses walked around the hospital and she was stuck at the desk. She had medical training and knew her way around any form of illness or injury. However, because the head of medicine believed her appearance would make the patients extremely uncomfortable, she was stuck in behind a desk. This was the biggest load of crap she had ever heard. He only put her on desk duty during the day because he hated her. She turned him down once for a date and he hasn’t forgiven her since but in this economy she would have to be dating a millionaire to be able to quit.
She looked at the newspaper and saw her man was there again. The picture was blurry and there was no way of recognising the man in the picture but the title said it all.

  • Devil Man Vigilante Spotted. Friend or Foe?
  • Laughing to herself she could not wait till the next time she saw her hero so she could show him this article. He loved it when his work was advertised. To the rich he was a violent psychopath, to the poor a vengeful spirit, to the wrong doers he was a demon, and to the common man he was both a psycho and a hero. To her he was amazing.

    Mr. Satan woke up in a bed that was not his own. He looked around and saw he was in bed with “THAT” woman. Dudley had slept with Cassandra again. Mr. Satan never understood what Dudley saw in this woman. She was cold, annoying and spoilt rotten. She was everything that made a woman unattractive to any sane man. Getting up from the bed he began putting on the cloths that Dudley had taken off. It was still daylight which made it more difficult for him to sneak around the city. He left the apartment not caring if he woke up Cassandra or not. It would do Dudley some good to show he doesn’t rely on this woman to dictate his actions.
    Walking towards the old Warehouse he noticed her bike out front. Slowly and cautiously he entered the warehouse.
    “Lucy!?!?” Mr. Satan shouted as he stepped into the building.
    “Boss? You’re early…Why you don’t come over here I got something to show…”
    “DONT COME ANY CLOSER! I need my mask!” He said as he stepped into the darkness interrupting his assistant.
    “Okay…God you must be the ugliest guy in the world.” She said as she threw the mask across the room towards Mr. Satan.
    Mr. Satan pulled his mask on and stepped towards his assistant. Lucy wondered if that shirt was really a designer brand or did Mr. Satan steal it from some pimp.
    “What is it Lucy?” Mr. Satan said staring at his partner
    “Blue prints for my sidekick outfit. See its effective in combat because I can move a lot more and…” Lucy explained to her boss.
    “Go back to that last part Lucy” Mr. Satan said with great disdain.
    “Oh it helps me out in combat because…” Lucy repeated
    “Before that…” Mr. Satan said his patients wearing extremely thin.
    “My…Sidekick outfit” Lucy said sounding almost ashamed of it.
    “We talked about this Lucy. I don’t need a sidekick and I don’t want one. I’m fine on my own.” Mr. Satan said as he pulled his costume out.
    “You came back stabbed the last night. Are you honestly this stupid? What if you die!?” Lucy said being unnaturally emotional in front of her boss.
    “Lucy not now. I have work to do.” Mr. Satan said as he put on his costume.
    “I swear to God. Do you appreciate everything I do? I work my ass off during the day and tend to your wounds during the night and never once have I asked your real name or why you’re doing this? I should know this….”She said as Mr. Satan walked towards the exit.
    “Do you even care about me?” Lucy said looking at Mr. Satan.
    “Lucy…Later please.” He said in his typical cold manner leaving Lucy alone yet again.