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The scarred face of the hedonist caused Lucy to step back a little in shock. One of the young women who surrounded him raised her hand up slowly towards his face. Her hand lovingly rubbed the side of his face that was not scarred in a perverse manner. Nostradamus sat there and smiled at Lucy as the woman stroked his face. Lucy felt very uncomfortable around this man and didn’t like the way he stared at her. Not a word was said between the three and the only sounds that could be heard were the sounds of the wheels on the subway train moving along the tracks and the excited moans of the other members of Nostradamus’ harem. Lucy felt his stares all over her body, but she didn’t want to seem weak in front of Mr. Satan.
“I’m here about Jack” Mr. Satan said breaking the silence.
“Which one?” Nostradamus said finally breaking eye contact with Lucy to smile at Mr. Satan.
Mr. Satan reached into his pocket and pulled out the bag of pills he had earlier. Nostradamus looked at the bag with confusion as Mr. Satan threw the bag onto Nostradamus’ lap. The smile on his face quickly changed to that of a frown.The train stopped at an unmarked station.
“Bitch’s Leave!” Nostradamus said to his harem left subway car.
As the women got up the wobbled towards the exit in a daze leaving the the hero’s and the wise man. Nostradamus sat up and rubbed his face with his two hands. Mr. Satan sat down in one of the seats across from Damus and watched him like a guard dog watch’s a criminal. Lucy sat down next to Mr. Satan still feeling uncomfortable about being in the presence of Damus.
“So Alice and the white rabbit want to know where the bottle comes from?” Nostradamus said as he looked at them both.
“Cut the crap Nostradamus!” Mr. Satan snapped as he became more in control of the conversation.
“Ya know how dangerous this crap is?” Mr.Satan said to Nostradamus.
“Yeah I do. Some close associates of mine have died from it mate.” Nostradamus said as he looked at the bag.
“Okay what can I tell ya about this stuff. It started being sold a year ago on the streets, became popular after a week or two and the first causality was not too long after that.” Nostradamus said as he looked over to Mr. Satan.
“Wheres it coming from?” Mr. Satan asked as Lucy began feeling a knot in her stomach.
“No clue mate” Nostradamus said throwing the bag back at him.
“But I can tell ya where one of the factories are. May not be a big one but its nothing to stick your nose up at.” Nostradamus said as he looked at Mr. Satan. Lucy wasn’t even there to them any more.
“It will do…and..” Mr.Satan said as he looked at the ground.
“One more thing.” Mr. Satan continued before being cut off by Damus.
“Ya want to know if I know anything about the guy that laid ya out like a bitch?” Nostradamus said as he laughed a little.
Mr.Satan said nothing he just glared at scarred man.
“Whats the blokes name so? If ya know that is.” Nostradamus said as he lit a cigar and started smoking.
“Mr. Abelle.” Mr. Satan said quietly almost a whisper.
“What was that?” Nostradamus said grinning.
“Mr. Abelle!” Mr. Satan said raising his voice to a shout.
Silence filled the car and Nostradamus’ face went into shock.
“Mate you sure that’s his name?”Nostradamus asked looking at Mr. Satan.
Lucy was just a spectator among giants now, she didn’t know the importance or the fear that that name inspired in Nostradamus.
“I’m sure” Mr. Satan said his eyes meeting that of Nostradamus.
“Carry like…a stick or something?” Nostradamus asked.
“He carried a cane.”Mr. Satan said leaning towards Nostradamus.
Somethign sparked in Lucys mind at the mention of that cane. The man who visited the hospital the other day was interested in seeing Mr.Jones carried a cane. Maybe it was coincidence,but maybe she had come face to face with this Mr. Abelle.
“Red. That guys like the boogie man of the underworld. He appears one month and disappears for like a year never to be seen or heard of until he turns up again. People call him a demon or something. But besides some rumors, I know nothing more.Theres some messed up stories about what he does man. Like real disgusting stuff. Your probubly the first survivor he ever let get away. If your going up against him man…God help ya.” Nostradamus explained
“I’ll take my chances.” Mr. Satan said.
“Your funeral mate.Anything else?” Nostradamus asked picking his cigar back up.
“Wheres this factory?” Lucy asked trying to seem just as deserving of Nostradamus’ attention as that of her boss.
“Hahaha”Nostradamus laughed.
“You really know how to pick the feisty ones red.” Nostradamus said behind his laughter.
“The old RD warehouse at the docks. Head on over they still may be cooking.” Nostradamus said to the two masked vigilantes.
“Thanks” Mr. Satan said as he got up from the chair.Lucy miming his action.
“Tell the bitch’s they can come back in.”Nostradamus said as Lucy and Mr.Satan began to leave the car.
The moment the women got back on the subway car it began moving once more to another location in the city. They scaled the steps that led out of the station and to the city. The city of Demons and Devils that Lucy decided all too soon to be a part of.

As the exited the darkness of the subway Mr. Satan didnt look back to Lucy. He was fully aware that she was behind him despite the fact they had not spoken since they left the subway car. He knew she had questions that needed answer and he would answer them in his own time. Nostradamus clearly made a bad impression on that of Lucy and now he would have to explain to her why he associated himself with Nostradamus. He looked around to see where they were and was surprised to see they were not to far from the warehouse. He began to walk when Lucy spoke.
“Where are you going?” Lucy asked Mr. Satan.
“The Warehouse.” Mr. Satan said as he continued to walk.
“Your really gonna listen to that drugged up idiot!” Lucy said.
“He is a lot of things Lucy,but he is not an idiot.” Mr.Satan said as he heard Lucy begin to follow him.
“How can you trust him?” Lucy asked approaching Mr. Satan.
“Nostradamus is a lot of things. But he has many good qualities that make him a great ally.” Mr. Satan answered as they turned down an alleyway.
“Like what?” Lucy whispered lowering her voice as they silently walked through the alley.
“Just trust me Lucy” Mr. Satan answered.
“How can I trust you if you don’t trust me?” Lucy asked staring at the back of Mr. Satan as he pulled down a ladder.
“You cant” Mr. Satan responded and began to climb the ladder.
Mr. Satan knew that this would not satisfy Lucy as an answer at all, but all his mind could think of at this moment was getting to the warehouse. The warehouse was now in sight and it was now time to see what he could find out from these drug peddlers.