Re: Tell my story


The Atomic Punk

Part two of a trilogy based on Zyp’s El Matador de Toros and his nemesis El Toro.

Original Character by Zyp; Story by The Atomic Punk


¡Saludos a todos! Soy Sanzo Hierro. I am El Toro. Do not believe the lies of those so-called scientists and their puppet El Matador. They are not offering a cure. They want to create an army of mindless super-soldiers.

Listen to me. I was once a healthy young man serving in the special forces. The army told us that they were injecting resistance to nerve toxins. Theirs is the true poison. I am the last man alive from my unit. They offered me a choice. To take another damning concoction or die anyway.

Indeed, the formula saved me. Made me the brute that they wanted. What they didn’t know is that I had stopped taking their mind-control drugs. One night, I escaped. But I will return. They must be stopped.