Re: Tell my story


The Atomic Punk

I had written a three-part series on the old UGO Forum for Zyp based on his characters El Matador de Toros and El Toro. Since he gave me permission to post then, I assume that it is okay if I re-post them now.

Zyp is a HeroMachine master. Hopefully, he is still around just not active. If you are reading this, Zyp, thank you for the contributions that you made to help inspire and build this community!

Original Character by Zyp; Story by The Atomic Punk

¡Buenas días, señors y señoras! Me llamo Ramón Bartolome Ortiz de Dos Santos. I am better known to my countrymen as El Matador de Toros. Or, simply, El Matador. My duty is to the protection of the people of Spain. Allow me tell you my story.

I am a true torero. My career was good as I win many a bullfight. Until I was diagnosed with a disease that causes bones to brittle and muscles to weaken. My condition worsened to where I could no longer stand. I even fell once, breaking both my shins. Dios mio, the pain was unbearable! That is when EuroXyne approached me. They offered me a chance to test a miracle cure. I did not hesitate. Even if the drugs killed me, the research would help others. What a great honor.

The test was a success to say the least. Not only did I feel better, my bones mended and my strength returned. In fact, I became harder, stronger, faster! Bullets cannot pierce my skin. I can lift a BMW. I can outrun a gazelle.

There was another who took part in the experiment: Sanzo. As I, he was bed-ridden. He could barely lift his head. The cure worked for him as well. However, he had other plans. He left the hospital before the scientists could conclude the tests. They say that Sanzo is paranoid and delusional.

Whereas I became El Matador, the public face to promote research. Though it is somewhat outlandish to wear the maestro’s uniform everywhere I go, it is for a good cause. The ladies do not seem to mind, either.