Re: Tell my story


The Atomic Punk

Thanks, WMD. The Pegasus looks as if he is on an approach-vector. Made me think of my own dreams, which almost always end with me falling or coming down to earth.

DC-Lover, I have Chapter 2 for Tank in the works. Shooting Star will be next, though.

JR19759, great collaboration with Harlekin. Since you already have a background for them, I will try something a little different. If you would, please PM me the tone of their story in ONE WORD (love, happiness, sadness, confusion, humorous…). Don’t limit yourself to just emotions (purple, cheeseburger, hurricane, stucco…). Just ONE WORD to point their direction. Cheers!

Again, thanks to everyone for the feedback and interest in this forum. It’s helping me overcome creator’s bloc.

Speaking of which… I always thought that Yuri was a former Premier of the Soviet Union. Wink

Thanks to Harlekin’s exquisite treatment of my characters, I’m revisiting my unfinished saga: “The Three Sisters.” Trying to decide whether to post in this forum, start a new forum, or post in WordPress. It is not “yuri.” However, it has moments that might be above a PG-13 rating.