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The Atomic Punk

@WMDBASSPLAYER: I thought of this quote when I saw Amy Atom: “Look, a family full of midgets isn’t considered kids. That’s a gang!” She struck me as the outrageous, outgoing type. A mix of “badittude” (Tina Turner, Grace Jones, Vanity 6, Left-eye Lopez, etc.) packed in a D-Cell battery.

Harlekin’s “After Forever” is in the works. Several ideas; none finalized.

Original Character by Linea24; Story by The Atomic Punk

“Dear, have you seen Thomas?” Adalmund inquired, staring out the window with a look of worry.

Mildreth looked up from her sewing, “If by ‘Thomas,’ you mean our daughter Linea?”

“Daughter? Hmph, if she were our daughter she would be sitting beside you now.”

“And what? Knitting her wedding gown? Is that what you are implying?”

“’Twill be some time before she marries. She is not a proper young lady. Out there in the woods, hunting. Showing up the lads with her archery. She is too much like a boy.”

“No, you wish that she were a boy,” Mildreth retorted, increasingly cross with Adalmund.

“Well, these are uncertain times. I don’t know if a Tom such as Linea has the sensibilities required to keep a good home and raise a happy family.”

“You dare, Adalmund! If there is a ‘Tom,’ it is you. You are a Doubting Thomas, my King! She is quite capable.”

“No… you are wise as always, my Lady. I could not be more proud of her. Our progeny will be a strong and righteous Queen one day.”