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The Atomic Punk

@headlessgeneral & prswirve: The two are a great match. I admire both your styles. I have the whole fight scene in my head. I just don’t have the budget to film it. Cool

With these stories, I try to leave a lot of the specifics open to the reader. Some are left open for more adventures. Writing “Tank: Chapter 2” for DC-Lover. The story is too long for a single post. Others are single-shot, conclusive, and very direct. They are shorter because I find no reason to force words.

Again, I have to mention that I am enjoying this project. I frequent all the Forum postings. The creativity of other HM’ers is very inspiring. Thanks to everyone who has opened their characters to me for interpretation.


Going “old school” with this one.

Original Character by WMDBASSPLAYER; Story by The Atomic Punk

Yeah! It’s the “dudette with the ‘tudette!” Pint-sized purple power punching your puss!

Hey, I can’t help being who you think I should be. I can’t have a “secret identity.” How many midgets with glowing atomic eyes do you think there are? Expect me to wear sunglasses at night? Be all “Corey Hart?” Though he’s got a sweet caboose. Yeah, mommy wants some of that.

Don’t ask me, I don’t understand all that science stuff. There was a blowout on the subway. A couple of electric lines fell and BOOM-ZAP! I got super powers.

I’m doing better than ever. People look up to not down at me. Started a charity for the kids. Get to do some mean nasty stuff to mean nasty people. I’m a VIP at all the clubs. Get my freak on.

Think you got it? There ain’t enough Viagra on earth for you to hang with me. Ready to rock your world? Ready to get your toes curled? Yeah, come get some.