Re: Tell my story


The Atomic Punk

WMD, thanks, I did receive the original in my e-mail. I’ll write something for all three.

Original Design by WMDBASSPLAYER; Story by The Atomic Punk

“Hur mår du, Mister Adolvsson? Quite an interesting exhibit, I must say.”

“I am doing well. Tack, Miss Dorna, it was quite a success in Rome. It pleases that you opened your world-renowned gallery to display my collection.”

“Enchantée, please call me ‘Tessa.’ ‘Miss Dorna’ and ‘Contessa’ are too stuffy. My home has a more casual atmosphere where artists can shed convention and enjoy simpler things. Care for a glass of Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame? The vintage is 1998. Please tell me about this particular piece. She is so vibrant.”

“Thank you, Tessa. Please call me ‘Andekung.’ You could say that alcohol does have a role in my work. This particular beauty is ‘Drottning.’ She is the queen of my exhibit. Are you interested in purchasing?”

“Possibly. Tell me, Andekung, what was your inspiration for such a small yet delicate ouevre? The contrasts are so vibrant. She has a rich texture.”

“Well, I could not settle on just a photograph. It would not have done the queen justice. I was travelling in Germany when I heard rumors of elves and sprites haunting the Black Forest. Being of curious mind and searching for my muse, I spent many weeks hunting… I mean, hiking there.”

“Yes, such rumors and the natural beauty of the Schwarzwald would spark the imagination. What of the texture and color?”

“Sigh… those are a result of my carelessness. I am no lepidopterist. The setting was ruined. I decided to dry her so she would be flat against the canvas. However, I had used too much salt in the pickling process. Gently, I scraped what I could. Then I painted her red and black because her lovely green skin and soft blue wings were discolored. I could not recreate such beauty.”

“Wait? That is a real fairy that you captured, embalmed, and glued to a picture frame?”

“In non-poetic terms, yes.”

“Dear guests, forgive my rude decision, as of now this exhibit is closed. Mister Adolvsson, you are no longer welcome in my home.”