Re: Tell my story


The Atomic Punk

Patient 666
Original Character Design by Luc; Story by The Atomic Punk

Doctor Sheppy was visiting the Sunderlin Wellness Center at the invitation of Doctor Polyxena. The host had a most peculiar case for his psychologist friend. Something about Polyxena made Sheppy apprehensive. Polyxena was usually reserved and studious. Frankly, Sheppy always found him to be a rather cold fish – until today. Polyxena was twitchy, almost giddy. The professor worried that Polyxena had succumbed to the pressure of running the clinic. Perhaps, the psychiatrist had “prescribed” himself medication for his nerves.

“Come, I have one more thing to show you, my dear Sheppy,” said Polyxena.

The two walked toward a small adjunct behind the main facility. Sheppy felt moisture on his back where Polyxena had given him a re-assuring pat. Polyxena’s palm is really sweaty, he thought. Sheppy looked to his right. His observation proved correct. Polyxena was pale and moist. He was sweating so much that his skin glistened in the cool October air.

They entered from the south. The adjunct was a single windowless room with no chairs. Monitors filled every wall. They were obviously closed-circuit security cameras. Those on the north watched inside the Sunderlin. The monitors on the west kept an eye on the campus grounds and parking lot.

To the east, they seemed to train on a single room. These monitors were color not black-and-white like the others. Sheppy focused in that direction. He was startled by the sound of Polyxena shutting the door behind them. Sheppy heard the click of at least three automatic locks.

“What’s going on, then?” the psychologist demanded, trying to hide his fear.

Sheppy noticed that the south wall was covered in what appeared to be ancient runes. Symbols repeated, especially those that lined the door’s frame. Being a learned man, he recognized some as pagan. The patterns seemed to represent some sort of…

“Binding spell, dear chap,” Polyxena said. Sheppy realized that he had been muttering to himself. His friend continued. “Yes, this is where our special guest stays.”

Sheppy looked around the room. On the floor was an area rug with many of the same runes. A trapdoor leading to a cellar?

“Bloody hell, Polyxena, what is the meaning of all this?!?”

“Look to the east wall. You shall see.”

All of his years in clinical and practical research did not prepare Sheppy for what he saw. Pictured in the monitors was a red-skinned girl with blanche hair… and leathery bat wings!

“Polyxena, what is she?!? A demon… a succubus…”

The psychiatrist cackled gleefully. “Oh, she is not that powerful. Not yet, she is so young. She is but an imp. Though she is quite intelligent and persuasive. To pass the time, and to stave off her… more aggressive tendencies… she has been reading a lot of your work. She is most curious to meet you. Would you like me to introduce?”

“Why, yes, Polyxena, thank you. This is a rather unique situation.”

“Yes, for the other scientists and scholars, it was also a once in a lifetime opportunity.”