Re: Tell my story


The Atomic Punk

Original Design by WMDBASSPLAYER; Story by The Atomic Punk

Who’s that? Oh, hey, doggy. Nice doggy. No, stop trying to sniff me. Don’t try to lick me, either. I’ve never been around dogs before. The property manager doesn’t allow them. Ugh, because you smell!

What’s that noise? Oh, some cat chasing a bird. Even the cats have a funny accent out here. Well, at least it’s not tipping over trash cans in the alley. Get that bird, he makes too much noise. I can barely concentrate. If it’s not the birds during the day, it’s the crickets chirping all night. Grandmother Lucille has too many dumb animals.

Where am I? Oh, no! I feel like I’ve been walking for hours. How do people not just walk out here, get lost, and die. You know, a sign or an arrow would be helpful! How about a sidewalk? I don’t want to get grass stains on my designer sneakers.

When are we going home? With shopping and baristas and theaters and public transportation! Hello?!? Oh, great… cows. No, stay back. You’re not helping at all! The only time I want to see you is at DiMasi’s on 5th Avenue – medium rare next to my scalloped potatoes.

Why did we come here? There’s nothing for miles. You can’t see even see your hand in front of you at night. There are no roads, no streetlights, and nowhere to get a cinnamon latté. Cousin Beauregard’s wedding… I don’t even know that side of the family. Country bumpkins ruining my summer vacation.

How am I going to convince mom that we need to go home now? I don’t like this farm. There’s nothing to do. I don’t know anyone. Nor do I want to be around any of them. Just empty space – except these stupid cows that are chasing me! There’s the wall. I sure hope that cows can’t climb!